Month-End Accounts: May 2019

May 2019 might be remembered for a number of things; the end of Mother Thersea, the Brexit Party and LibDems triumphing but it’s been a good time for GFF overall. We’ve had some great adventures at home and some away and our spending has never been lower.

My main thoughts have been towards FIRE / career break. I’ve maybe slacked off in work a bit but I’m still mentally engaged – which means work consumes a lot of my mind. It’s hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace.

One plan of mine was to have low outgoings covered by steady dividends from investments. Well, I have done this this month.

Income – Steady

The Lady is on statutory maternity pay and that’s not much. I reduced my pension contributions (salary sacrifice) and the tax man paid us back a bit of tax paid. Steady as she goes

Dividends – Super

Very high dividends (or what I call dividends) as I have got some bad debt repaid from a P2P investment. My VCTs paid well, other P2P investment had good returns too. One of our EIS investments paid it’s annual payment this month too (5.2% or 7.4% net). “Dividends” covered spending for the month – which is very nice.

I also picked up £50 from a friend joining RateSetter and about £20 from people signing up on referral links to Quidco and TopCashBack. Feel free to join – it’ll help you and help me.

I really wish that Abundance Investment would have a referral link as I’d promote them a lot more. It’s a good way to invest and do something good with your money.

On a similar note, I invested some money into UKW for the green dividends.

Outgoings – Miserly

With Zero childcare costs spending lots of money is actually hard. Our household costs were as usual around £650 and other spending was only £590. This is the lowest we’ve even spent on a monthly basis since records began (2012) which is a real achievement.

Next month spending will be up as some credit card spending comes through including costs from our London trip. I count credit card spending as and when it is paid not spent – this is a quirk of my accounts.

Budgeting – Nightmare

We came back from a trip to London to notice that large chunks of our wooden windows had fallen off. The wood looked very rotten and it’s now had me think that I’ll need to get replacement windows at a cost of around £20-30k.

I had expected to pay this when we bought our house but it’s something I would have preferred to kick down the road a bit further.

Other future spending includes a trip to Ikea for things and that might be around £600. We have our house back on AirBnB so hopefully some more income from that (although no bookings yet).

Assets & Net Worth – Steady

Networth was stable over the month. It’s a good thing we have salaries because without it we’d have lost money with the market wobbling

FIRE – Looking good

FIRE assets were up about 2% on the month. Our FIRE Withdrawal Rate was 3.9% which is a bit of a miracle (due to very low spending). It’ll be back up again next month but the trend is downwards.


As I said, my thoughts are of stepping back from work. The numbers look fine but FIRE is a faith not a fact.

How was your May?

Thanks, GFF


  1. “How was your May?” Bah! It became undeniable that this computer is past it so a new one needs to be bought. Bang goes sixpence!


    1. I’m wondering what to do with regards a computer if I stop working – buy a new one? Don’t fancy the expense but can you live without one in the modern world (plus who’ll update my spreadsheets if I’m cut off???)


  2. Thanks for sharing abundance investments (even without a referral link). I’d seen them advertised on the tube but don’t know anyone who has used them yet


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