Ready, Aim, Fire: Bye bye Mary Poppins

With a heavy heart, we served notice on our Nanny last week.  She’ll leave us at the end of March after almost two years of service.

Justifying the Nanny is something that rubs against Financial Independence and frugalism but hopefully this is the right way forward. Continue reading “Ready, Aim, Fire: Bye bye Mary Poppins”


How to put out a FIRE? Use Liquidity

Recently our plans for FIRE took a slight turn for the worse.  It’s a reminder that paper profits can flatter your balance sheet but when the SHTF it’s all smoke and mirrors. The importance of liquidity is hard to ignore.

Anything which has a value which depends on the whims of individual buyers is a risk.  Think fine wines, classic cars, private shares, property, antiques, stamps.

You could have just invested in a FIRE extinguisher!

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Early Redundancy: lessons from life’s veterans

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I was at an industry conference/exhibition this week and it was the usual mix of BD/Sales, time-wasters and giveaway hunting students.  But I had a good chat with one guy who really made me think about work and life.  He was made redundant in 2015 and despite not needing the money, was bored out of his mind and desperate to work again. Continue reading “Early Redundancy: lessons from life’s veterans”