Pay less into your pension to retire early!

I’ve recently had a look at our family finances and I’ve become increasingly concerned with the high level of family spending and high levels of retirement saving – including workplace pensions & the LISA. Continue reading “Pay less into your pension to retire early!”


Climate Change and Investment Risk

I was driving through the countryside this weekend and through the catchment area for one of my pet investments.  Rumbling bridge hydro.

I have had a soft spot for cooperative finance and I’ve been investing in Peer to Peer investments for over 10 years but a couple of years ago I came across this type of energy cooperative. Continue reading “Climate Change and Investment Risk”

Brief Intro

Hello and welcome,  this is a very brief introduction.  This blog is called Gentleman’s Family Finances and it’s all about how I manage my families finances with an eye to retire early at some point in the near future.

I am 36 years old and with a loving wife and wonderful son with a daughter on the way.  That combination of a son then a daughter is called a Gentleman’s Family and I’m pretty pleased it’s working out that way.

The main reason for the blog is to cover the gap left by Mr RIT and also to contribute to the growing FIRE scene in the UK but with an added focus that this is about a family and our finances.