Spending is Social and Saving is Solitary

After receiving our bonus in work – lots talked about what they’d spend the money on and nobody talked about saving it.  I’m sure that many did save it but it made me think.

Spending is social and saving is solitary – the wise GFF

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Do as I say don’t do what I do

Something has been coming across my mind recently and it’s making me think more deeply about blogging – I blog to share my experiences and our journey towards Financial Independence.  But more often now, I see the professional FIRE Lifestyle bloggers out in force and I’m afraid my humble bloggings just don’t compete.
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6 Family Friendly tax reduction ideas

Having a family can be a struggle – it means changes to all aspects of your life, and if you are like me then you realise that you just don’t have enough time to get everything done.

When it comes to family finances, it’s no different.

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