How to put out a FIRE? Use Liquidity

Recently our plans for FIRE took a slight turn for the worse.  It’s a reminder that paper profits can flatter your balance sheet but when the SHTF it’s all smoke and mirrors. The importance of liquidity is hard to ignore.

Anything which has a value which depends on the whims of individual buyers is a risk.  Think fine wines, classic cars, private shares, property, antiques, stamps.

You could have just invested in a FIRE extinguisher!

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Tax return completed

January 31st is the deadline for submitting your tax return online to the HMRC.  Depending on your circumstances you may want to submit as early as you can (to collect a rebate) or delay as long as possible (to postpone paying).  For me it’s a matter of good housekeeping to have a final review before the window shuts* Continue reading “Tax return completed”