Month End: November ’18 – assets and spending

Where has the year gone???  It’s almost bloody Christmas and there’s nothing but Christmas tunes in the shops – I’ve not seen the sun in week and it’s getting very very cold!!! Well, at the end of the month it’s time to set some time aside and go over the Gentleman’s Family Finances and this […]

The best thing about Business Travel?

I’m sitting here in Edinburgh airport waiting for my delayed flight to London City.  Due to depart at 06:35, it’s been postponed and will now has an “Est. departure 09:35” – so much for my 09:30 meeting in the City. Sometimes when things don’t go according to plan, you realise how precarious a lot of […]

Places I hide my money: Abundance Investment

This is a post about one place where I put my money – Abundance Investment – it’s a good combination of renewable energy projects which means investing in a more ethical manner,  good returns on your investment and a hedge away from the ups and downs of the equity markets.  As Abundance put it “That’s people […]

What the hell is “Black Friday” and why you should avoid it?

Despite it not having been around only a few years ago, “Black Friday” is everywhere I look online and my email has been bombed by countless emails – you can’t help but notice it and if the pundits are correct, we’ll collectively be getting into more debt than ever to buy stuff we don’t need […]

Ready, Aim, Fire: double my take-home pay

As part of my READY, AIM, FIRE thinking towards FIRE, I’ve now cut my excess pension payments as part of my salary I have the benefit of Salary Sacrifice and I can save a lot of money by putting money into my pension through work – but I’m ending up with too much money in […]

If you don’t work, what would get you up in the morning?

In my 4 weeks (paternity leave) off work, I began to realise that by having a “normal” 9-5 job, I was forcing myself to get up much earlier than I would naturally want to and go spend the best hours of the day in the office, before coming home exhausted and going to bed early […]

Month End: October ’18 – assets and spending

What a difference a month makes!!! Whilst I was enjoying family bliss away from the world, the world was going to pot!  Stock markets were crashing and all sorts of scares were about.  I didn’t pay much attention to it, although  I did see it as a buying opportunity.  But mostly my focus was on […]

Back to work

Quick post: So after 4 weeks off on paternity leave and annual leave, I’m back in work!!!  WOO HOO! I can now properly call this blog Gentleman’s Family Finances after the safe arrival our our baby Daughter (the Little Lady / LL as I’ll call her).  She’s now over a month old and changing fast.  […]

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