Fire & Ice: the cost of family holidays

Last weekend, the Lady and I were sitting at home enjoying a quiet Saturday morning after the busy Christmas and New Year holidays.  It’s one of the favourite times for me, when there’s a bit of peace and quiet and no need to rush off somewhere.

I hear the postman drop off the mail and in the bundle of bills and letters was a lovely glossy brochure for family ski holidays for 2020.  And like a fool I opened it and proceeded to have a look with the Lady.  We can’t ski this year with the Little Lady being so young, but we can always go in 2020 and before that we can dream… Continue reading “Fire & Ice: the cost of family holidays”


Month-End accounts: December 2018 (2)

So December is been and gone and it’s now 2019.

The market gods looked unfavourably on us all this December with stock markets hitting lows.  My net worth was down about 1.3% which might not sound like a lot but it feels like a lot to me, it is over £10,000 after all! Continue reading “Month-End accounts: December 2018 (2)”