GFF’s guide to Good Friday

I’m sat here in work today and I’ve been trying to call a few clients to catch-up on projects and opportunities but EVERYONE is off today. Who knew that Good Friday was so popular? Continue reading “GFF’s guide to Good Friday”


What I learnt from my Dad’s early retirement (aged 60) Part 1

For many, FIRE is a bit of a strange concept- a theoretical crossing of one line (passive income) and another (living expenses) and then you just “retire early” – well, I have a case study to follow and that is my Dad’s. Continue reading “What I learnt from my Dad’s early retirement (aged 60) Part 1”

Don’t count your beer barrels before they brews

If you are interested in investing in a successful beer company, the one that GFF has a few shares in is raising money right now.  What does this mean for our finances?  Well the selling price now at £25/share is £10 a share more than what you could have bought for at the recent (poorly participated) trading day.
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FIRE Health: the Diabetes epidemic

GFF is not a fan of fad diets and overly healthy living but I was very worried by something that I read today that in Northern Ireland diabetes cases are up 70% in 12 years and now affects about 5% of the population there.  It’s the same everywhere and there’s not much point in Financial Independence if you have Insulin Dependence! Continue reading “FIRE Health: the Diabetes epidemic”

Do as I say don’t do what I do

Something has been coming across my mind recently and it’s making me think more deeply about blogging – I blog to share my experiences and our journey towards Financial Independence.  But more often now, I see the professional FIRE Lifestyle bloggers out in force and I’m afraid my humble bloggings just don’t compete.
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