Once Only the Rich Went into Politics – Now it’s Those Who Want to Get Rich

There’s a sad story in the Guardian about how desperate Daniel Kawczynski whore himself to court money and a part time job in exchange for political support.

A clear case of someone trading our democracy for money from no less than the Saudis! You can guess that he’s a Tory. You can read the story here in the Guardian. It’s quite a side hustle if you can pull it off – really leveraging what you have got to get rich!

Even better, his response was along the lines of “I’ve done nothing wrong, followed every rule to the letter, this is how you do this type of thing, I should be praised for my hard work in lining my own pockets – and I didn’t manage to secure any work from desert dictators, so there!”

A long time ago in history class, GFF was told that the Houses of Parliament were stuffed full of landed gentry types who’d never done a days work in generations since their ancestors were mates with William the Conqueror. They had their Life Peerages, Rotten Boroughs and to all intents and purposes, the political system of the UK was set up for their explicit benefit. Progress & reform were slow and hard.

Back then, even getting the vote was difficult and even now, Universal Suffrage isn’t with us (as any non-UK citizen found out during the Brexit vote).

Daniel needs a second job

The Lords and MPs were above the riff-raff and got their positions of power from their position of wealth. Not a great system bit it was the British way.

How Times Have Changed

This story about Mr. Kawczynski highlights a big problem for UK politics. Instead of our politicians somehow being above money, they instead get into the business just for the scrounging sycophancy and back scratching sleaze that politics can bring.  Whether it’s a career of egregious breaching of lobbying rules  or offering mates backhander deals whereby they’ll win lucrative government contracts – it’s a slippery slope.

In Mr Kawcyznski’s case, he wanted the money to pay for private school fees for his kids – I suppose like many people he felt that this was a good thing and all he’d have to do to get it was prostitute himself to a sheikh or two. Much like a prostitute he’d have his pimp (or fixer), charge by the hour and if he was lucky he’d be trafficked around the Gulf and ideally he’d find a company that really loved him and would put him on a monthly stipend with only the occasional MP experience to do.


I didn’t know much about Daniel before this news came up. But he does seem focused on getting a job in Business.Development Sales and Marketing with anybody who has money and wants to buy an MP’s influence.

He’s done well so far from his “consulting” where he’s made over £250,000 from one company. That’s great work (if you can get it) but I had a quick look at his Wikipedia page  and his own website and it says he worked for 10 years in telecoms as an account man. I’ve met account men and I can tell that there’s something off with him. He’s been an MP for 16 years and in that time he’s probably spent more time looking out for himself than he has for the people of Shrewsbury and Atcham.  Now, he’s maybe sensed that it’s time to move on to bigger and better things – maybe if he plays his cards right he’ll end up in MBS’s harem of British eunuch’s?

A Rare Exception?

Sadly, I think not. I suspect that many MPs are on the take and they see their job as mollifying their constituents whilst searching for teets to suckle from. After all, can you imagine any constituent contacting Daniel about something and him saying this:

“You want to discuss local issues?? What time are you free in morning to discuss please?” then calling his secretary to book a table for dinner in the MPs’ private dining room in the House of Commons, saying he would take the concerned voter on a tour of parliament and “into the chamber to watch debate”.

This gives you an idea of his character and what is lacking.

Out of Touch with Reality?

When in the past the rich ruled for their own benefit, that was bad. Now we have a situation where those on the make or take are ruling for their own benefit and can be easily bought off. Cash for access or cash for questions or simply “we’ll pay you money and you put in a good word for us and we’ll make money” and the good old “after the election there’s a seat on the board with your name on it”.
No wonder people think that politics stink, that Boris Johnson oversees a culture of sleaze and corruption and politicians pay more attention to those that keep them in comfort than the voters who keep them in power.

Unfortunately, so long as we have 3 word slogans to numb us into voting Tory again and again, nothing will change. And even worse, like the old joke goes “it doesn’ matter who you vote for, the government always get in”.

Thanks, GFF


  1. When the MP second home ‘scandal’ came out a few years ago (if we can call them scandals now when all they get is a tap on the wrist), my MP was one of, if not THE, biggest beneficiary. We’re supposed to be within commuter distance to London, but by jove Mrs Miller absolutely needed that million pound second home in London on the taxpayer’s dime.

    She still commands a safe seat somehow at every election. Just goes to show how many people blindly vote for one party and one party only. If only my area had a Captain Binhead or whatever he’s called.

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    1. Sadly, many see it as their entitlement to have not only the salary but the second home, office paid for, family members in cushy jobs, all expenses paid and the odd second job to tide them over until they are retired from the house and can start making serious money from all those backs they scratched over the years

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  2. Sadly these entitled people generally come from the same social class. They represent the same narrow viewpoint and are generally supported by our overwhelming right wing press. Until we can get voices from other parts of the community ( non public school) things ain’t going to change. Being an MP is going to continue to be a Licence to line your own pockets. We laugh at these people, call them clowns but really they should be shamed out of their position of power.

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    1. I disagree. They are not particularly amazing. Have a look at Grant Schaps CV. He would be useless in any field of business – he’s part of the government! Useless except for his keen sense of sniffing out where power lies.


  3. “it doesn’ matter who you vote for, the government always get in”.

    This. Power corrupts certain politicians, no matter which party they represent. There will always be conflicts of interest, ‘do as I say, not what I do’. They’re people at the end of the day, so will succumb to peer pressure and greed and the mistaken belief that no one will find out.


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