House Price Inflation: friend or foe?

There are two topics of conversation that gets (British) people talking and that’s the weather, house prices and Brexit.  I’ll leave the former and the latter for another day.

So, we are mad obsessed with house prices, but are rising house prices a friend or foe?   Continue reading “House Price Inflation: friend or foe?”


Pension Payback Prevention

Whilst, like many others who are in their 30s and 40s, I don’t believe that the UK State Pension will be around when I am eligible to receive it (in 2050!), it’s still worth keeping it in the back of your mind when it comes to FIRE planning. Continue reading “Pension Payback Prevention”

The Dangers of Double Counting

I’ve just uncovered a mistake in my Expenses Spreadsheet.  It tracks all of my Income, Outgoings, Assets, Liabilities and Transfers.  I’ve been keeping it in some form for 17 years and if I spent as much time as I have working on it, learning the piano, I’d be a maestro! Continue reading “The Dangers of Double Counting”