Saving Ninja Thought Experient#5 from GFF

I didn’t have enough time to think write a truly great reply but my thoughts are already quite succinct in this area.

You need a balance in your life to live it well – a combination of many factors that are all drowned out by modern working life.

GFF thinks we all need balance in life.

Follow the advice of the Ancient Greeks and make sure your muses are up to date.
Spend more time enjoying art and culture!

Also, for a long, happy life make sure you follow some good practical advice. I read this book and try to follow it. Longevity by David Goldhill

Basically, we might all end up living much longer than we think – so it’s never too early to start living longer.
Things you need, well it’s critical to have a passion and working on that – that’ll keep you young. You get to choose it (not your boss).
But you also need to travel, try new things and have friends – much easier to do this when you are not working!

Finally, there’s even DIY – we have a backlog here at home.

Don’t ask me exactly what I want to do – I haven’t a clue!

But it will be fun whatever it is.

Thanks, GFF.


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