We’re not going on a summer holiday

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that our summer holiday to Croatia will go ahead this August. It’s a real shame because we booked it in December and had everything planned.

For a young family like ours, a holiday like this is a big part of our story. I remember holidays when I was 6 or 8 with more vividness than full years of my adult life! Maybe this is a first world problem but I can put up with working from home because the commute I had was long and hard and I can put up with everything being shut because I’m still with my family but taking our summer holiday away from us? That’s a hard pill to swallow.

Croatia is where we’ve been going on holiday for a number of years together. It’s a lovely place which balances quiet towns, pristine beaches, Mediterranean cuisine and ample Teutonic nudist clubs and campsite. Whats not to love?

The prospect of a holiday being cancelled often leads people to get really stressed. So what have we got to be stressed about?


We booked flights with Easyjet for August from Glasgow to Pula. At the moment, Easyjet don’t fly that route anymore. Flights cost £350 for the 4 of us and were full paid for. But if the flight is cancelled, then what can we do? I suspect like many millions of others, we’ll have to wait and see. Easyjet have been bombarding me with emails about 2021 holidays – which is all well and good but they’ve not bothered actually telling me about the status of the 2020 holiday yet. If it’s cancelled we’ll get our money back. Prognosis – we’re not flying!


We booked two places to stay in Croatia. One is a holiday villa near the sea and the other an apartment in a farm house in land. Both looked great. Total cost was about £1000 for 10 nights and £500 paid for already. AirBnB whom we booked through have a full cancellation policy (thanks AirBnB!). Prognosis – we’re not out of pocket.

That’s all that we booked and we will get every penny back. Airport parking and car hire were things I was going to do later. So potentially we can get £850 back which would boost our net worth. I could also have another week of work potentially earning a lot more than £850. Thinking about it, taking any holiday at all is a major waste of your own human capital.

white boats on body of water

I don’t think there’s any point in getting worked up over things outwith your control. Having listened a bit of Radio 4’s moan-in show on a Saturday, the British people love a good old moan! We are not bothered about the uncertainty at present – maybe we’ll go but most likely we won’t. We’ll not be out of pocket and we will holiday when we can.

There’s a stupid clickbait article I read recently about a bunch of moaning boomers complaining that a) their electricity bills have gone up under lockdown b) their 2 week cruise was cancelled (and refunded). Talk about looking after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves! These morons seem to think that spending an extra £20 a month on the leccy whilst saving maybe 100 times that on their holiday is some sort of grievous injury to their human rights. Ok boomer to that! No link given to spare your brain from the rot.

Our gas/elec. Has gone up under lockdown but our petrol bill is less than 10% of what it was before – so put things in perspective. Overall spending down is good but losing out on what you like to do, bad.

So, I’d rather have the flights go ahead as planned and have the holiday we planned instead of the money back. Money gives you the currency to spend it and have experiences, happiness and fun! As I see it, money is not just for spending but life is for living! I’d much rather be on a beach in the sun in Croatia than huddled over spreadsheet counting my pennies.

Thanks, GFF

P.S. the title picture in this article is from our holiday in Croatia a few years ago – shot by a 5mp camera without any filters used.


  1. Was lucky enough to have tickets to see Spain vs Sweden in Bilbao at the Euros. Uefa took 1 1/2 months after lockdown to contact us to confirm that….the world was in lockdown…and not whether or not we’d get our money back/ be able to defer our tickets.

    Like you said Airbnb was great and we received a full refund but the airlines are being unhelpful to say the least.

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  2. Have you been notified by Easyjet of cancellation?

    Note that under EC261, if easyJet cancel (anytime after booking), they are required to reroute you under comparable conditions, ie pay for flights on another airline / from another airport. So if you are still keen on going, look into other options to get to your destination.

    Also if they cancel within two weeks of your flight (and need to notify you), under EC261 you’re also entitled to compensation.

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    1. Thanks for that.
      As if yet easyjet have not been in touch – which must annoy some people.
      The allure of easyjet is direct flights – comparable conditions may involve a stopover somewhere like London which we are not too keen on.


  3. It’s probably not too late to make a booking in Blackpool. Or, if your taste should differ, how about Centre Parcs?

    Or that great old standby, camping in Normandy and Brittany. Use the chunnel and the world’s your lobster.

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    1. Since we live in Scotland, we have plenty if beaches nearby and the great.Highlands to explore but we can explore these anytime and it’s always cold!
      Blackpool might be nice for a day trip on the way to/from England.


  4. I wouldnt be so hasty! I have a trip to spain end of August I am praying will go ahead, but good common sense to double check cancelation policies and ensure they are flexible.

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    1. I should add that we’ve not done anything yet but I expect that we won’t be travelling.
      I did the common sense thing and checked if we are on the hook for anything but as I’ve said, we’ll not be out of pocket


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