We’re definitely not going on a summer holiday, maybe?

So Easyjet finally got in touch with us to say that our flight to Croatia is CANCELLED ergo SUMMER IS RUINED! Boo hoo you might think, but we still have options, so maybe we’ll be going on holiday after all.

This follows on from my previous post with sexy Cliff Richard and how OUR HOLIDAY WAS RUINED by uncertainty. Except it didn’t bother me that much. It does look like we’ll not be going to Croatia but we do have some nice options courtesy of Easyjet. Namely:

  • Book another flight for free – anywhere, anytime!
  • Claim a voucher full the full cost of the flight (£330) or
  • Get all of our money back.

It’s a toss-up as to what is best for us – maybe just rebooking another flight somewhere either warm or to see friends makes sense. The cash option is also enticing. It does leave us with a few thoughts as to what we do for holidays this year, do we go at all, where would we go and for how long…

My work situation is not clear and the Lady is in a similar position – maybe she’ll be in a new job by September so it’s worth thinking rebooking for 2 weeks in August (along with the rest of Europe) is the best option. It does mean that I can cancel the Airbnb’s I booked and get the money back on them – which will help our savings rate. (If you are interested in using AirBnB this link can earn you £35 and me £23 if you sign up). Good customer service is what you expect these days and AirBnB doesn’t disappoint.

Race to the bottom

The rise of budget airlines over the last number of years and the concept of “no thrills” – extending to having to pay a “supplement” to get a seat has left a bad taste in travellers mouths. Yes we like low prices but we don’t want to pay the extras for it. It’s also made travel more stressful in my opinion and less pleasurable. In these difficult times, I must say that Easyjet have done a great job of either giving us our money back or a flight anywhere we like!

That’s a pretty good deal and I think that customers will remember that. Other airlines treat passengers like hostages and try to extort as much money as possible from them (you know who) and I suspect that they’ll suffer.

Customer Service in the times of the virus

I think that maybe after the virus times, we’ll consider more than just the final price on things and think more about customer service. If you want a refund will you get it and how easy will it be? I’ve already stopped looking for a certain blue and white airline’s flights on SkyScanner (LINK) because the old bait and switch of £19.99 flights ends up costing you much more – and the flight times are often rubbish.

Back on topic

If the Lady gets a new job offer she’ll probably start in September. In exchange for pay you give up your freedom so holidays may not be on the horizon. Maybe rebooking a holiday in August is the best thing to do and I’ve already found flights to Amsterdam for £200 return – meaning we could get a refund and rebook and save £130 – enough for as many pannenkoeken and bitterballen as you can eat! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitterballen

Except, is the trip going to be worth it? Some of the attractions we’d like to see are open (pre-booking essential) but how easy would it be to travel with 2 kids?

The Staycation Option

The other option is the staycation – basically we pack the car up and drive somewhere. We actually went away last weekend and are going away next weekend – woo hoo! We booked some nice places for around £150 for 2 nights – not bad prices I think. But with many attractions, cafés, bars & restaurants still shut or limited or not age appropriate, spending a week in one place might be a bit boring – not to mention expensive! 

So, holiday cancelled, Easyjet are the good guys. AirBnB staycation a maybe or foreign holiday location – maybe not maybe later. Who knows?

Thanks, GFF


  1. You can rebook to go anywhere without extra cost? Or just no change fees?

    One of the main reasons for our FIRE journey was having more time for travel – my managers used to dread it when I uttered the words….”I’d like to book some time off….”

    Croatia is gorgeous


  2. I suppose that the boundaries for tourists will open only at the very end of a step-by-step return to normal. Maybe this will happen first in Europe. In order for this to happen globally, a vaccine against coronavirus must first appear or an effective treatment must be developed.

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  3. It’s not easy for us US citizens. My route is still scheduled to fly (Barcelona-Gatwick) but there’s no way I can get to the UK since my flight on Norwegian is cancelled (and why would I do a quarantine?) I managed to submit a refund request but interestingly that form has been taken down in the last week or so! I did get an email saying they were processing my refund. Norwegian was very prompt on my refund although they were pushing vouchers. Um, no thank you

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