Month-end Accounts: Net Worth August 2018

Another month is over, so here are my accounts for the month.I don’t pay too much attention to the markets but there was a fall this week that took about 2% off my share values and took off the shine from what was a decent month.  The big news apart from Brexit was that Wonga went bust – good riddance I say.

My spending will come in few days as I’ve changed how I calculate spending and it will take a bit of time to put things together.


  • Liquid cash = -0.3% (-0.4%) 
  • P2P Lending= 7.2% (-0.2%)
  • ISAs = 5.3% (+0.7%)
  • Non ISA investments = 11.1% (+0.1%)
  • EIS = 3.5% (+0.0%)
  • VCTs = 14.2% (-.3%)
  • Housing Equity = 5.7% (+0.1%)
  • SIPPS = 24.9% (+0.4%)
  • Final Salary Pension = 26.2% (0%)
  • Other = 2.2%
  • Total Net Assets = 85.7% of FIRE Goal* (+.2%)
  • Increase on Month = 0.5%
  • Time to FIRE estimate = Anybodies guess?
  • 1 – Annual increase in net worth = 14.2% (y/y)
  • 2 – Annual increase in net worth less income = 1.2% (y/y)
  • 3 – Annual increase in net worth less income and spending = 7.8% (y/y)
  • Percentage of Pensions of Net Worth = 51.1% (+0.3%)

The numbers look ok – Not a great deal of progress but there have been positive changes and portfolio trades

  1. Interim results from the company show that we should expect a decent bonus this year (paid in Feb 2019).  Estimated at 1.5-2 months’ salary
  2. I sold shares in the BBOX reit for about 15-20% more than I paid.  It was done to reduce fees as, although it’s a good business, I think that the ongoing charges are too high (1.5%+).  The money will be ploughed back into low cost ETFs with dividends – part of my Ready, Aim FIRE program.
  3. I bought shares in Trinity E&P which is a long story.  Bought for 15p, now sitting at 17p.  I’m trying to get out of individual risky shares, but the offer was too good to turn down.
  4. I decided to stooze due to a large credit card balance.  I even got paid £21 by Topcashback to take out the (interest free) credit card in the first place.  This will help with cashflow.




  1. I’m curious. Why are you changing your formula and would you post it when you do. I think you’ll find it comical when I say that this American had no idea what you were talking about for some of the things you said I had to look it up. We may speak your language over here but they we have definitely grown our own version of it. I’ve worked with many people from the UK and I do find it funny how much trouble I have with colloquial English from UK


    1. The method of spending/ expenses used to just 3 categories- mortgage, household bills and general spending.
      I have decided to.split out general spending into a number of different categories to to see where we can cut back or spend more
      Like we spend more eating out than eating in so buying nicer food for home might save money overall as we wont go out to eat as much.


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