Why isn’t franchising talked about in the FI community?

Of all the get rich quick schemes that the FI comes up with (gold, property, bitcoin), franchising is seldom discussed. I’m not trying to sell franchises – but maybe they deserve a closer look? Advertisements

Why we’ll probably never own an electric car

If anyone has ever been in Oslo and take a taxi you’ll have probably been in a hundred thousand pound Telsa. Norway is expensive for just about anything bar walking in the countryside and eating Knekkebrød and cars are no exception.

Climate Change and Investment Risk

I was driving through the countryside this weekend and through the catchment area for one of my pet investments.  Rumbling bridge hydro. I have had a soft spot for cooperative finance and I’ve been investing in Peer to Peer investments for over 10 years but a couple of years ago I came across this type […]

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