50 ways to leave your employer

The problem is all inside your head, HR said to me,
The answer is easy with a performance review annually,
“I’d just like some help in my struggle to be free,
There must be fifty ways to leave your employer”. Continue reading “50 ways to leave your employer”


What I learnt from my Dad’s early retirement (aged 60) Part 2

Following on from Part 1 and before Part 3 we find my Dad retired from work and largely listless. After almost 40 years he had earned a little time for rest and relaxation. What else are you supposed to do when you retire? Continue reading “What I learnt from my Dad’s early retirement (aged 60) Part 2”

Cashback Alert: £3 extra this weekend on TopCashBack just spend £10

When it comes to spending money, we all have to do it at sometime and cashback websites like TopCashBack and Quidco can save you lots.

Right now there is a promotion on TCB for £3 extra cashback, all you need to do it spend £10. Here’s how I take advantage of these flash offers and how you can save money too! Continue reading “Cashback Alert: £3 extra this weekend on TopCashBack just spend £10”

Stories from London: Conspicuous Consumption

Wow – after a whistle-stop trip to London this week I’m safely back home in Scotland.  London is a bit of an enigma to me – both foreign and homely, safe and edgy, busy but peaceful, it’s a young city and it’s old and it’s a poor, sad place with sometimes real glimpses of wealth. Continue reading “Stories from London: Conspicuous Consumption”

House Price Inflation: friend or foe?

There are two topics of conversation that gets (British) people talking and that’s the weather, house prices and Brexit.  I’ll leave the former and the latter for another day.

So, we are mad obsessed with house prices, but are rising house prices a friend or foe?   Continue reading “House Price Inflation: friend or foe?”

Month End: November ’18 – assets and spending

Where has the year gone???  It’s almost bloody Christmas and there’s nothing but Christmas tunes in the shops – I’ve not seen the sun in week and it’s getting very very cold!!!

Well, at the end of the month it’s time to set some time aside and go over the Gentleman’s Family Finances and this November has been quite good, and after October it’s a welcome relief!
Continue reading “Month End: November ’18 – assets and spending”