Upcoming Posts

Best things come to those who wait – and fools rush in.  Well, I’m prone to writing the start of a blog post without thinking about the end of it.  So here are a list of some of the blog ideas that I have on the drawing blocks:

  1. VCTs – my experiences of 5+ years investing
  2. Fees – how I’m managing my fees level and trying to cut costs
  3. Portfolio complexity / simplicity
  4. How to turn a profit on a wedding AKA the £2000 wedding
  5. Fuel Card ecomonics
  6. Defending the Nanny
  7. Baby Number 2 (coming soon!)
  8. Some travel information about travel with kids.  Based on places we’ve been to:
  9. London, Paris, Glasgow, Edinburgh.
  10. Travel for work – hey, that might just sound like not a very interesting thing to read about (and that’s why it’s at the bottom.

Stay tuned!