The public just don’t get it

I read through an article on the daily mail website about the Escape Artist and the tone and comments really opened my eyes. I am a not a fan of the Mail and I think that if you are reading it, it’s not for the news but for how it makes you feel.  It preys […]

FIRE vs. Pension

How should you fund Early Retirement?  Save after-tax money now or put it in a pension to be accessed when you are 58+ with tax advantages?  It’s a tough choice and one that I’m struggling with. We are currently saving as much of my salary into my salary sacrifice workplace pension as possible.  My wife’s […]

Lifetime ISAs – the best thing that shouldn’t exist

Link I read this yesterday and I was very surprised.  Apparently, the LISA might be scrapped because the Treasury Committee says they are ‘complex and offer perverse incentives”.  And what are these perverse incentives? Well, apparently, “concerns have previously been raised that if people are saving for later life into a Lifetime Isa, it could discourage them […]

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