Monthly Assets & Spending

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it goes the saying.

I’ve kept a regular record of my assets since 2001 when in my first year of university I ran out of money in my first time after about a month!  Hard lessens are best learnt early and I have hopefully learnt a bit about money over the years.

For me, I’ve managed to sacrificed a bit earlier in life through being stingy and penny-pinching and those savings are now paying dividends.  It allows me to provide better care for my children and not to worry about money (on a day to day basis).  Hopefully it’ll allow us to achieve Financial Independence and to Retire Early at some point too.

The purpose of Monthly Assets and Spending is to show to the world what we are doing and to keep me to my commitments on spending and investment.  Other bloggers tell a really good story – I hope to emulate them.

Month End Accounts: Spending July 2018

Month-end Accounts: Net Worth July 2018

August 2018

Month End: October ’18 – assets and spending

Month End:  ’18 – assets and spending

Month End: November ’18 – assets and spending