How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Calm


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The best thing about Business Travel?

I’m sitting here in Edinburgh airport waiting for my delayed flight to London City.  Due to depart at 06:35, it’s been postponed and will now has an “Est. departure 09:35” – so much for my 09:30 meeting in the City.

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Putting things in Perspective

This week I was down in London for work, my first business trip since a the start of September.  It was an action packed two days and it really put me in a position to reflect on what life is about, what I’m doing and how important a good night sleep can be when you have a 6 week old at home who cries all night.

I also met Alvar from Financial Independence Europe which was a hoot!

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House Hacking: AirBnB (part2)

Just a very quick update:

So far AirBnB is going well.  We’ve had a number of requests and had to decline people who wanted to stay.  A family wanted to stay for a week!  Which is a bit much.  We have a pair of French students staying here and another student coming next week as well. The AirBnB website is not perfect but it’s easy to get your money out and easy to use once you are used to it.

We are not taking the piss with our prices and we are listed at around £30 a night at the moment.  I don’t intend to run a hotel, so I think that we can up prices a bit to reduce demand but keep the net profit high.  It seems like easy money. 🙂

It’s a funny feeling to have paying guests.  My wife and I have both hosted/surfed with couchsurfing but this is a different relationship and more of a commercial relationship.

So far so good.