Hard Lucks and Let down

Are you a customer of Hargreaves Lansdown? Happy with their customer service and glad that they save you big on Funds & Trusts? But now angry that you didn’t money out of Golden Boy Woodford?

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What’s Woodford Good for?

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Superstar Neil Woodford (CBE) has been in the news a lot recently and things are not so good for him. Shares in his fund have been suspended as nervous savers tried to pull their money out. Continue reading “What’s Woodford Good for?”

I’m a Millionaire (but don’t look it) part 1

I’ve just had a very rough quote for a transfer out of my defined benefit final salary pension and if I were to accept it, we’d be pushed into the ranks of millionaires!

The thing is that I just don’t look like a millionaire, spend like a millionaire and I definitely don’t look like a millionaire. So what’s that all about then?

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What I learnt from my Dad’s early retirement (aged 60) Part 1

For many, FIRE is a bit of a strange concept- a theoretical crossing of one line (passive income) and another (living expenses) and then you just “retire early” – well, I have a case study to follow and that is my Dad’s.

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6 Family Friendly tax reduction ideas

Having a family can be a struggle – it means changes to all aspects of your life, and if you are like me then you realise that you just don’t have enough time to get everything done.

When it comes to family finances, it’s no different.

But with a little fore thought and planning you can make big gains.  Here are 6 family friendly ideas that combined can save you thousands in tax. Continue reading “6 Family Friendly tax reduction ideas”