4 Drinking and a Baby


This weekend three great things happened.  First of all an old friend came to visit.  Secondly, GFF and the Lady are back on the Sauce and finally, another couple (or two) staying with us announced that they are expecting another baby. Continue reading “4 Drinking and a Baby”


Digital Detox update: Going Cold Turkey

Just a quick update on the whole digital detox thing that I’m doing for Lent.

Basically, no phone after 5pm on weeks days I’m not working and that sort of includes the weekend. Continue reading “Digital Detox update: Going Cold Turkey”

House Price Inflation: friend or foe?

There are two topics of conversation that gets (British) people talking and that’s the weather, house prices and Brexit.  I’ll leave the former and the latter for another day.

So, we are mad obsessed with house prices, but are rising house prices a friend or foe?   Continue reading “House Price Inflation: friend or foe?”

6 Top Tips for Millennials to Solve the Property Puzzle

Everyone knows that a big house is the sign that you are a success in life and if you don’t have one by the time you hit 30, you are a loser!

Property is the best asset class and the ladder to the riches you deserve.

Millennials take note, it has never been easier to buy a property – and if you don’t, then you will remain renter scum forever!

Here are six tips to get you the housing ladder of riches.

Continue reading “6 Top Tips for Millennials to Solve the Property Puzzle”

What the hell is “Black Friday” and why you should avoid it?

Despite it not having been around only a few years ago, “Black Friday” is everywhere I look online and my email has been bombed by countless emails – you can’t help but notice it and if the pundits are correct, we’ll collectively be getting into more debt than ever to buy stuff we don’t need for people we don’t like.

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