Apparently my passport isn’t black, it’s blue

The Lady had a good laugh at my expense. Apparently, my new British passport is actually dark blue.

Thanks for pointing out my own idiocy!

In this cracking blog post that may or may not be racist (I’m personally not racist against almost all nations, ethnicities and a majority of continents) I wrote about my huge pride in my brand new black passport – hooray for Brexit.

Getting a black passport is so very, very important to me, and it’s great to not have to put up with the old burgundy one that the EU prevented us from having.

Except that wasn’t the case – but since when do facts trump feelings? Any artificial grievance you can contrive and pin on the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and the EUSSR.

It turns out that the British passport that Brexiteers were going full Gammon over is blue and not black.

Those nasty people in Brussels refused to allow the honourable, proud British people their birthright of a blue passport.

So, much like that Father Ted joke about priests’ socks being black and not very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very dark blue.

Personally, I think that getting patriotic courage from the colour of a passport (that gives you less port passing powers than the old Red one) is stupid.

But until I get my Irish passport, it’ll have to do.

Thanks, GFF


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