Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back

I renewed my British passport recently, and it’s it’s come back with a black cover – jolly oh chaps, we’re taking back control!

There you can see it in all its splendour.

My black beauty British passport.

No more tyranny from Europe.

No more Brussels burgundy ruining our passports.

We are putting the black back to our sovereignty. From the Black Country to Black Pudding – to be British, it should always be black! (unless you are talking about Yorkshire or sticky toffee pudding or white pudding or white pudding. Maybe haggis is a pudding, too. I’ll need to check).

But it feels so great to hold freedom in my hand, freedom from Europe. Although I should point out that this passport precludes me for my actually participated in Europe. In fact, if I want to move to Europe, I might be in a bit of a sticky wicket.

Still we got brexit done that’s the important thing. We took back control. I got a nice black passport. Oven ready black pudding passport deal… mmm… I’m running out of slogans.


I do have a backup plan that is to get an Irish passport. I am Irish 1st and British by convenience. But it can’t hurt to 2 passports? I have reapplied for my Irish, which lapsed in 2014. For convenience and money saving, I didn’t get a new one, but with Brexit and all that, it’s better to have one and not need it than to be stuck on the sinking ship S.S. Britannia.

I have got an Irish for the Master already, and next, I’ll get the Little Lady hers – the Lady herself is ineligible (nobody’s perfect).

Funnily enough with the new UK passport, I’ve no real plan to go travelling right now. We have booked a summer holiday but that’s ages away.

So, I got a new passport, it’s black. Whoop dee doo. It might make some Gammon happy and proud, but it means nothing to me – other than embarrassment, shame, and makes me question all of the insanities of Brexit.

Thanks, GFF



  1. “black beauty ”

    There was this children’s TV programme of the same name I sort of remember watching as a kid, which I’m always reminded of whenever I see the Lloyd’s Bank adverts – they were stories of adventures with a black horse!


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