Month-End: December 2022

Just a quick post to cover what’s gone on in December. A month of ups and downs and a Santa Rally that eventually came, making things look a bit better than they were mid-month.

Net Worth

Our net worth dropped by over £20,000 in the month of December, and that’s before inflation.
BOOM! That’s a big drop, but I didn’t really do anything to cause (or deserve) the drop and I’m not really offended, appalled or bothered by it. It seems that when life is a rollercoaster, take a beating or a Ronan Keating. So, I’m just following his sage advice of:

“Life is a rollercoaster,
Just gotta ride it”

Ronan Keating

It was looking pretty bad mid-month, but I didn’t do anything except invest a bit of free money into VWRP. The recent post from Monevator was interesting because I check my portfolio in full about once a month (it takes time) but keep an eye on prices (UKW & VWRL normally) every day or couple of days.

What’s the benefit? I don’t know. What I do know is that my portfolios in different platforms is not proportional to the value of the holdings. You can see in the pie-chart that about 80% of my portfolio is held on one platform (concentration risk?) but I check that once or twice a month. One of the slithers can be checked on my phone in less time than it takes you to read this sentence, so maybe making things accessible and easy just makes them more likely to lead to it being a waste of time.

(Confession, I used to be much worse – almost OCD like)

The big drops were in my shares. Mostly caused by that rascal Musk (who is a dick, let me remind you). I don’t believe in idols or gods, so I avoided jumping on the electric bandwagon and I can spot a bubble well before it pops but my ETFs probably hold a bit in his Tesla stock and that along with tech stocks have been plummeting in 2022.

The the bright side, my £3,000 investment in a windfarm paid a nice 8% dividend this year, thanks for high energy prices. To celebrate, the Lady, Little Lady, Master and I enjoyed a full hour of Christmas tree lights (LED of course) every other day between Christmas and New Year’s eve.
It’s good to celebrate these things.

World Cup

I enjoyed the World Cup but was maddened by the number of empty seats that were at the matches. It’s almost as if, having super high price, desirable and unattainable assets like tickets to a football match (or luxury properties in London, Monaco, Moscow or Miami) left empty and unused makes a perverse financial sense.

FIFA & Qatar aren’t stupid and they know that it makes sense to rent “fans” to come from Egypt and pretend to be genuine supporters, give complimentary tickets away to high status guests and have the few tickets remaining for the cash cows to be fought over.

If you don’t like it, I’m sure there’s a non-premiership team, with empty seats playing near you. If not that, then shut up, sit down, drink your Budweiser and “support” your (owned by a corrupt and cruel dictator/criminal/monster/country) team.


There was no end of year bonuses for the Lady of myself, but I did work a lot and got some decent pay for the month and more in the first week of January. Income covered spending (meaning we are saving!)


Outgoings were £4,600 for the month and an average of £4,700 for the year. We did have a good time spending that money by the way. The invoice from Santa came in (£200 all in) and Christmas presents for friends and caregivers (why do I think that anyone who looks after my kid needs or wants a bottle of sparkling wine? In any case, nobody said no).

Our year-end gas usage was comfortably down. Maybe uncomfortable for the Lady, but at 10p a unit, we used between £600 – £1,500 less than previous years.


We had some great Christmas parties with friends. We celebrated Christmas at home, then went to Newcastle for 5 nights between Xmas and NYE – the cheapest time to visit. Newcastle is a great place, and we love visiting it.
We hosted a New Year’s Eve party for us and three other families and their kids. It’s nice having friends like this and being able to do it. It would have been more, but some of our friends were away and unavailable. But we’ll catch up with them in due course.
No holidays planned for the future and not skiing – which is a big saving.
Stay tuned for the Year-End review – coming out soon with cool graphs and stuff like that!

Thanks, GFF


  1. There were huge empty spaces in the stadiums for the last round of FA cup ties.

    Do they ever consider trying dropping the prices?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know. Maybe the tickets are too high, maybe the stadiums are too big.
      My own favourite football team in the city has about half the seats filled on a good day.
      My favourite team in Glasgow sells out for every match. And I can go watch Saturday morning football 2 minutes walk away for free with only dog walkers for company


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