Check out how to release money stored up in your organs!

Ever see something that you would really like and say “I’d give my right arm to have that”? Well, now you can with!

You can’t have helped notice how inflation is making food more expensive, and especially meat.

You don’t need to be an unwilling victim of inflation – you can make it work for you by cashing in the equity you’ve built up in your spare organs.

I’m not just talking about the old goldmines of blood, plasma and sperm but if you are willing to give it a go, you could easily make a nice six figure sum from your organs with only minimal reduction in your life expectancy.

You’ve maybe seen our ads on Facebook? We use friendly faces like Neill Fitzpatrick, David Attenborough and Eamon Holmes. You can trust them!

We use his image, you can trust us

You could share the money with your kids, pay off your debts, remodel your kitchen, buy a new car, or go on a holiday of the rest of your lifetime.

There has never been a better time to do it, and it’s all tax-free!

You do the maths, it’s a no brained!

How Does it Work?

Ever notice how you have two of a lot of things like eyes, lungs, and kidneys? It’s actually a bit of over engineering and not totally essential, especially when they are worth something.

You can just get in touch with, and we’ll come out and give you a free valuation. No invasive medicals, just a quick chat, cup of tea and chloroform, and we’ll take care of the rest.

No minimum age, £100 referral bonus

When you wake up, we’ll offer you a price for the organs we’ve removed and if you are not totally satisfied, they are yours to keep.*

If you are happy to proceed, we’ll give you the money there and then either through a dodgy crypto exchange or in cash we need to launder.

You’ll also get a free Parker pen and a roll of kitchen paper to stem the bleeding.

You’ll then be free to live the life you always wanted and will have the money you never had to do it!

So what are you waiting for? Not only its this a great way to lose a few festive pounds, there’s never been a better time to sell your organs! Demand from the elderly, China and cannibals means you can’t delay! So sign up today at and leave the rest to us.

Thanks, GFF

*we unfortunately don’t do reinsertion


  1. Will there be money in blood from unvaccinated people? I did see an article on why the idea is impractical but I don’t know whether every unvaccinated billionaire will really want to settle for second hand spike protein from the general blood supply.
    Here’s an opportunity for the next Sam Bankman-Fraud or Elizabeth Holmes.

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