Energy Garden

I’m too busy at work/life at the moment to blog much but I thought I’d write a short post about using your money for good – with Energy Garden 2022.

A few things frustrate me with the average financial advice given to the public and the focus that you get from newspapers and websites. How many times have you read about how savings accounts don’t pay much in interest? How bank accounts aren’t beating inflation and how savings are being eroded.

How often do you hear about how local community groups are struggling for money and how cash-strapped projects are when they want to invest in a greener future?

Maybe it’s just me, but I see organisations which want to green up their communities, generate their own electricity and make their own money to pay for it.

It’s taking solutions to increasing renewable energy away from massive solar farms or offshore windfarms and putting them into the communities that they are there to serve. Produce clean electricity locally, whilst making the place better.

To that end, there’s a group called Energy Garden who are raising £800,000 from investors like you and me – and are more than half way there.

Invested money will…

  • Take action against climate change by funding the generation of 100% community-owned renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Enable the development of more ‘energy gardens’ – greening London’s transportation.
  • Empower communities to take positive climate action and educate young people in food growing healthy living and energy generation.
  • Earn a potential return. Investments in the share offer target a return of 5.5%, generated by the sale of clean energy.

Whilst there is risk and you should do some of your own research before investing, there is a compelling case to invest in something like this since:

1) it puts your money to productive use and pays a return

2) uses established technology (solar)

3) helps us towards net zero and improves biodiversity

4) helps empower community groups and volunteers.

Have a look at the offer on Ethex – there are other projects available, this is only one of many. Over £100m has been invested with Ethex projects big and small by over 20,000 investors and if you trust TrustPilot, they get a 4.6 score.

Thanks, GFF.

Note: this is not financial advice, I have no money invested in Energy Garden 2022 nor any connection or commercial with the business nor Ethex.

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