Just Stop Sunflower Oil

When everyone else is watching the latest saga of the UK’s Jenga government, there was a horrific attack on our cultural heritage – but sadly no one was watching.

Just Stop Sunflower Oil

A group of protestors went to the National Gallery in London (just off Trafaglar Square and with free toilets – it’s a must pee attraction) and threw tomato sauce at Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers. News story here.

Raising Awareness

The aim of the protestors, I suspect, is that by creating a fuss by damaging a masterpiece they somehow “raise awareness” for their cause.

After drying your onions, add the purée

Does it work? I don’t know, I don’t think that it particularly does. Whether it’s jumping in front of the king’s horse or blocking roads from school run slummy mummies – it’s designed to shock and draw attention.

The highlight of her life, nothing will top this

Except, it’s hard to say that people need more awareness that they need to stop oil. It also appears very immature, maximalist and naive – what have those sunflowers got to do with anything? Maybe if it was an anti-war message, I would get it. I must be getting old…

When oil is more expensive than petrol

There’s not many that say we need to have more oil.
That’s what I think anyway – although the government (as of 14/10/22) don’t always agree.

Enough is Van Gogh

There are ways to reduce our impact on the planet through our own individual actions. Or you can go around telling people what they should be doing – except I am not sure that there’s a way that you can influence people through acts like this – they might end up backfiring by pissing off moderate on the fence types who might not like global warming but think that gross vandalism is a step too far.

What Would Vincent Do?

Vincent didn’t like being told what to do (especially the voices in his head) and people are like that. My belief is that the solutions to the 21st Century are manyfold and require less protesting and more engineering, science and technology.

More scientists, engineers and technologists are what we need. That is a long process – since you need to get the kids while they are young. But it’s easy to pull a stunt like this and a lot harder than to say, start a company that helps elderly people install insulation in their homes to reduce CO2 emissions, fuel bills and energy poverty.

That’s just one idea – I’ve not done it myself but there’s easier places to start than pouring tomato paint over a priceless piece of art.

It’s not like there’s a shortage of things to do and top of the to do list is not a dirty protest. This distracts from the serious real work that needs to be done.

Thanks, GFF.


  1. Hi Gentleman Family Finances,
    I started my finance blog in April 2022 called HustleventureSG and have been your follower for quite some time.
    As a blogger, may i ask how did you increase your follower count, engagement and likes for your blog post. I havent been getting much luck recently and would like to learn more from my peers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It depends on what your motivation is.
      A quick look at your blog shows little that could be called original – so advice on how to do what you do better won’t be coming from me.
      There’s no shortage of bloggers putting out the same sort of stuff – I’ve tried it a bit but to little success and my parody attempts do better.

      Good luck


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