6 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money This Winter – Number 4 will surprise you!

Truss may try her best to keep bills low but the bills will still bite! Try these tips to save money today!

Turn Your Thermostat Off

You can save 10% off your energy bill by dropping the temperature 1 degree. Save 100% by turning it off! That’s some real simple saving that we can all do right now.

My nest pest won’t go any lower

Reduce Your Body Temperature

Feeling cold without the heat one? You can save 10% off your metabolic rate by dropping your core body temperature by 1 degree.

If it works for reptiles, it might just work for you too!


If your mammalian brain tells you it’s cold – go full ursine and hibernate. Wrap yourself up in blankets and don’t come out until spring. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed in a few months (if you don’t starve!)

Replace All Your Lightbulbs with a Head Torch

We’ll look back at the days where people had fixed light outlets in multiple rooms and shake our heads. How could we have been so profligate to waste all those watts! Instead, wear a head torch to see in the evening – windup is best, batteries are not cheap

Alternatively, go into full Mole Mode and embrace a world of total pitch black darkness.

Become a Rawatarian

Cooked food is not only against our nature, it’s a total waste of energy. If you still cook your food – stop doing it right now. It’ll save you loads of money (as I detailed) and who ever said that raw potatoes, turnip and seagull was bad for you?

If you don’t believe me, I’m sure some influencer on instabook will convince you (just like someone convinced you to get that airfryer a few weeks back).

So there you go. 6 easy ways to reduce your energy consumption and leave you only with a £300 bill for the standing charge – the price of doing nothing isn’t cheap.

Thanks, GFF.

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