Jolly Green Portfolio: Week 8, 9 & 10 Bluefield Solar, Iberdrola & Gore Street

I’ve been away and busy recently but my Jolly Green Portfolio continues to grow with 3 new investments in companies that will help pay for the soon to be extortionate power bills!
If you follow my own advice, you too could help earn money from this sh*t show of a situation we are in!

I’ve long been in investor in renewable energy investments. I was foolish enough to think that putting money into something which costs money to build but produces a tangible product that can reliably be sold and generates a healthy long term profit would be a good investment.

13% Returns Look Pedestrian

The truth is that much of the stock market success in the last 15 years is from the next big thing. But maybe with the way Netflix is going, things are changing.
Certainly, as much as I wince at the cost of my power bills (£297 a month now) – I know that I generate more profits from my renewable energy investments than it costs me. So, the higher prices go, the better for me!
But I don’t lay awake at night dreaming of Iran declaring war on Saudi Arabia or anything like that. I do however think that more money is needed in decarbonising our economy and the lowest hanging fruit is investing in green electricity production – wind, solar, batteries and things like that. Reduce emissions and reduce our dependence on foreign oil and gas… Somebody should tell that to Rishi Sunak who failed to spot an open goal of restarting new onshore wind projects.

And to that end, I’ve made 3 investments over the last 3 weeks:

Bluefield Solar Income Fund
With over 100 assets under operation including a few near me! They are an energy group primarily in solar but are branching out into other areas too.

Bluefield assets

These guys are a Spanish power group – a bit like SSE in the UK, although they own Scottish Power who are big into wind in the UK/Scotland. They are investing heavily in offshore wind, solar, hydrogen and smart grids. While they have large electricity production in legacy assets like hydro, nuclear plus gas. Overall, renewables make up about two thirds of the power output.

Gore Street Energy Storage
Similar to my other battery storage funds in Gresham House and Harmony Energy these guys have battery sites and buy/sell electricity to help balance the grid. DIYInvestorUK has a good post on them.

I invested around £100 in Gore and Bluefield and £200 in Iberdrola using Trading212. If you like you can sign up with Trading212 yourself and we’ll both get a free share. Bluefield and Gore have dividend yields of 6+% and Iberdrola has around 4%.

Jolly Green Portfolio

It’s looking pretty decent now with 10 holdings which cost around £1,200. More importantly, they will pay an estimated £62 a year in dividends or 2.5% of my annual bill. I’ll keep buying every week to build it up, support green companies and to learn more about the industry.
The yield on cost is 5.65% and I’m in profit by £58 already – but I’ve only received £2 in dividends – but that’ll soon ramp up.
I’m also investing £100 a week into Invest Engine – I like this company a lot and their app is handy to use and there’s even a nice £25 sign-up bonus for both of us if you sign-up with this link.

That’s it until next week. I hope that this has helped you think of putting your own money to good use. After all, the wealth of hydrocarbon economies has not led to universal human happiness – would you want to live in Russia, Iran or Venezuela? Weaning ourselves off hydrocarbons is not only an ethical imperative, it’s an economic imperative as well – and that starts with you!

Thanks, GFF

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