Month-end: October 2021

With a busy weekend ahead, I’ve decided to put out my month-end report early. It’s been a funny month with 2 weeks of holidays sandwiched between the usual school/work life of. Income was strong, side hustle is storming it and out net worth

Headline numbers are encouraging with a 2% leap in net worth. I paid off some temporary debt and the side hustle came into fruition, earning us over £10,000 for the month. Hooray for side-hustles!


Compared with a year ago when work dried up, I’ve managed to bill enough work in September and October to allow me to pay myself a director’s salary and cover my overheads for the rest of the year! That’s great news as I tend to worry at night about whether I’ll be able to have enough money to save a few pennies here and there.

I’m also considering buying an electric (company) car and I’d need to actually earn the money to pay for it – so 2 good month’s invoicing and what looks like a strong rest of 2021 puts me in good stead.


Spending was on the heavy side due to holidays we took earlier and few household bills for the roof and steps – the joy of home ownership. Childcare is getting cheaper for the Little Lady and in January she’ll be down to around £600 per month. I still expect our spending to come down over the next few months – just like I expect my waistline to reduce. However, I think that our big seasonal expense (skiing) won’t happen this year and we have few other opportunities to spend a lot of money. The Lady does want a new utility room and we’ve some other plans to spend money but it’s all within budget.


I’ll be busy for the next 2 months until Christmas which is nice. The money will probably be used to buy an electric car (for cash) which I’ll write about more later. The kids are in school/nursery after a 2 week break in October (tattie fortnight they call it) and in that time we had a holiday in the Highlands (Fort Augustus – bonnie), a birthday party (not totally horrendous) and a holiday in England (Yorkshire – a reet good ‘olidee).

I even found a fiver!

Not so much travel in November and December but we have a lot of fun weekends planned ahead and a stay in Edinburgh between Christmas and New Year’s (family tradition).

Kids and School

The Master is settling into school and he seems happy. There’s a bit of a void between what goes on and what he tells us but we are greatly relieved that he is enjoying it. Through lots of time in the playpark over the last few years, we’ve come to know a number of other parents and their kids and we are building a bit of a social circle. Of the 20 or so kids (yes 20!) at the Master’s birthday party, we were friends with all but 2 of the kids’ parents – and even then, those parents were local locals who have their own deeply imbeded social and family circles. For the rest of us; we are all blow-ins of one sort or another and this provides a certain resilience, camaraderie and a shared sense of adventure that the Lady and I have.

I even went to the cinema with some of my Dad friends and have 2 x 0.568 litres of beer in two different pubs! That was the first time in… I think 10+ years where I had that given that we’ve had the kids 5 years, going out with the Lady isn’t the same as a Dad’s/Lad’s night and before kids, we lived in rural boring land for 5 years.

We all said that cinema + beer was good and we should do it again but the other Dad’s were all hungover the next day and we’ve not done it since.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we are hosting a Hallowe’en party at home with around 12 kids and 10 parents. I might need to skip early mass on Sunday.

Local House For Sale

In other news, there’s a house for sale down the street from us. It’s not identical but similar and it’s on the market for offer over £280,000 and it’s gone under offer within a week. The local market is white hot at the moment.

The Scottish property market has been lagging the rest of the UK for years but recently it’s booming! Great news if you are young and rent – it’ll inspire you to work harder and pull yourself up by your sporran straps.

I can’t wait to see what the house sells for. Amazingly it got a 70 on the EPC which seems generous (it’s a big, old drafty house with single pane windows).

It is nicely decorated in my opinion or in a cheap manner according to the Lady – she has better taste than I. The bathroom is fun because it has Jack and Jill sink for those who don’t want to share a plughole. That’s right beside the Jack and Jill toilets for the couple that like to hold hands while shitting together.

The home report value was £280,000 which is about £1500/m2 and it’s in good nick (all 1s and a few minor 2s) and On the Brightside, it’s Band F and we are Band E.

Whilst house prices have gone up a lot recently, I still think that our area is very good value for money – I mean, you can’t build a house for £1500/m2 and where we live, you have the opportunity to not need a car (urban location in a 15-minute city), whereas new builds tend to be crammed into a field on the edge of nowhere with only car transport an option to ever escape exurbia.

I’ve got our house valued at £291k now – which is a lot of money (imo) but it’s in line with the index. That’s up 15% in a year and for comparison, up 27% in 5 ½ years.

Thanks, GFF


  1. Over the years at Christmas parties, I’ve seen that there are two kinds of guys who get horribly drunk – the young lads (who are still figuring out how much drink they can consume without falling over) and the Dads of young kids (who haven’t been out for so long that they’ve forgotten how much drink they can consume without falling over)!

    My own recent cinema trip, followed by a few drinks was also a nice outing, something I hadn’t done before – I left after two while the others stayed on, had my sensible head on! What film did you go to see?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. In my time in sales, I never drank but did buy rounds – not exactly Madmen but it was funny to see those that were functioning alcoholic types.
    For Dads likes us, functioning on any level is a bonus and a night out was more than welcome.

    Liked by 2 people

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