5 Reasons Why 72 is the Magic Number for Personal Finance

 Numbers have a lot of meaning but there’s a secret number called Seventy Two (72) which will define your life – and you probably didn’t even know about it.

72 – The New State Pension Age

This is the age when you’ll FINALLY be able to access the state pension when it’s your time to officially retire. Try not to die soon after.

72 – The Marginal Tax Take on any Pay Rise

Beside the loss of personal allowance, pension allowance and child benefit plus paying the student loan, income tax, national insurance and employers national insurance (and we’re ignoring inflation here!); the real world take home pay is just 28p in the pound on any pay rise. Want to do any better? Try living on Universal Credit!

72 – Number of Applicants for Your next Job

Not so lucky to get a pay rise, you might just be joining the ranks of those who are looking. If you aren’t a web developer, cabbage picker or animal murderer – you’ll find that there’s fewer jobs and many applicants. Solution? Maybe a life-coach is needed or you could retrain as a life-coach – either way you’re screwed.

72 – P/E on Housing

Want to live somewhere that isn’t a post industrial hell hole? Or just want to live somewhere that is only slightly terrible – then you’ll have to learn to pay 72 times your annual post tax salary for a flammable box to live in.

At least you aren’t your parents age, they had 15% interest rates on their house that cost a tenth of what it’s worth now (and don’t Google MIRAS).

72 – Percentage increase in your utility bill very soon

Hooray for the free market! After years of having it easy you now get to pay more for utility bills. Good if you own the supply of gas and electricity, not so good if you don’t – but that’s what you voted for! And if you live in a poorly insulated house that you rent, don’t expect your landlord to be forced to improve the situation or be forced to do so!

 So that’s it. 72, A wise number for the savvy reader – you are all screwed!

Good luck, GFF


    1. Yeah, I thought that it might be more fun to make up my own rules.
      Also, someone has already written a post on that rule of 72 and that post itself is plagiarised from someone else who actually did the mathematics back 50 years ago.
      Who needs that?


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