5 Life-Hacked Tips for Reducing Stress From Your Work Life

Ever feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done? And that you are your own worst enemy sometimes? Well read this bullshit list of clickbait nonsense.

1. Over Plan and Under Panic

Ever found that you have not enough hours in the day? Maybe you are taking too much on and need to rebalance? I find spending a few minutes each day and each hour in work thinking ahead to what needs to be done, how important it is and how long it will take. You’ll always get urgent tasks and curveballs but no need to panic – prioritising and re-prioritising is natural and you’ve got the tools to do it!

2. Work, Rest and Play

Doing too much of anything isn’t good. You need to make sure you’ve got the right balance of work, rest and play. Don’t feel guilty about chilling out and being lazy – just make sure that you don’t do it when you should be working. Same goes for taking work home with you or burning the midnight oil.

3. Talk it Out, Walk it out, Switch it Off, Put it to bed

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for you – you need to get up and get away for a few minutes every hour – it helps if you are a caffeine addict like me. A walk at lunchtime not only gives you Vitamin D but a chance to clear your head. When work is over – it’s over. No need to waste the head space with things that are done and dusted. Your head is better at preparing you for tomorrow’s challenges and adventures than changing the past – so keep moving forward.Pick Your Battles, Enjoy Your Truces

4. Pick Your Battles, Enjoy Your Truces

We all have to put up with people we don’t like – I’ve worked with a few head cases in my day and you seriously wonder how they are in a job. Guess what? This will never change but remember to not let workplace drama play havoc on your amygdala. If you don’t like someone, avoid them and if you can’t, enjoy it when they are not around.

5. Keep an Eye on the Prize & Know Your Worth

Have a long term plan – what are you trying to achieve, where is this stepping stone leading you to? If you don’t feel that your skills and experiences are being valued, it’s time to move onwards and upwards.

Good luck, GFF.

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  1. “Have a long term plan”. I never did. It seemed to work. It might not suit everyone.

    One rule I did discover: I can work long hours, but I tried always to leave my desk for lunch, going elsewhere by foot or bike. I also liked a “tea break” in the afternoon. To avoid the rush hour I’d typically stay in the office until the back of seven and then cycle home with, if needs be, a rucksack of work.

    I realised that I had an aversion to working on Saturday afternoon or evening and so I rarely let myself get into the position of needing to.

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