Month-End: September 2021

It’s been a busy month for us; the kids keep us busy along with work. Horrendous spending but solid income from work and modest asset growth leads to another record for our wealth.

i’ve managed to get my blog up and running again in the last few weeks and post some more posts. Fewer links and the like – but it’s maybe better to read a post instead of getting distracted with clickbait?


The Lady has been feeling a bit unimpressed with her work recently and there’s been touches of the imposter syndrome sneaking in… Not ideal and when I’m forever telling her of how rich we are, it’s hard for her to square that with having to do a job where she suffers from indifference/inertia from some of her team. So imagine the surprise when her boss tells her that she’s been doing great and will get a raise!

Great news!!! Let’s hope it’s enough to offset the coffin dodger tax grab (2.5%) and inflation (4%) – otherwise she’s getting less.

My work has been really busy and that means lots of billable hours. My engineering manager has started calling me up to chat, whereas last year he called me up to shout at me. That’s progress! (except there’s no booking code for “non-work related chat”.) I’m so not disliked that I’ve been asked to work for a few days during the upcoming 2-week tattie-fortnight school holidays. It’s nice to be needed.

Turning Down A Job

I recently came across a job that looked really interesting and 2 years ago (when I left the old sales job) I’d have jumped at the chance to apply for it but would have lacked the experience to get it. Now, I have the experience and was tempted to apply but decided against it.

Whilst it would have been an enjoyable job, it would have been full-time, highly involved and required a lot of networking, committees, steering groups, delegations, client-facing discussions and trade-shows, conferences and symposiums. That all sounds good but requires a level of commitment that I cannot give right now. I’ve been watching Mad Men (half way season 3) and I wouldn’t want to be a Peter Campbell Accounts Man again.

The job also was staff, full-time and paid about half of what I get at present (if full time). Not that the money was a big factor – I’m just a bit too old/idle to bust a gut for a job.


£5,349 for the month. Thank goodness I spent years saving money – because that level of spend is hardly sustainable and would require a salary of around £100,000 a year to finance. That amount does cover some “one-offs” and will settle-down in the following few months but the 6 month average is £4,800 – so it’s hardly a good excuse for being so anti-frugal.


Net worth was up about 0.9% month on month and 19% year on year.

Our pensions have topped £600,000 and housing equity is over £100,000 for the first time ever – the housing market here has gone crazy and since we bought our house, where we live has seen some of the strongest inflation (the good time) in Scotland. Ironically, we believed that our house was to just be a home/money pit when we bought it and I had factored that it wouldn’t become the third breadwinner in the family contributing £35,000 over the last 12 months. Hooray for house price inflation!



Whilst I do say that we are “work optional”, we are both secure in our jobs and I’ve even been promoted (of sorts). I expect that I’ll keep working for the time being and the Lady too. The transition to school for the Master was less severe that had expected and the Little Lady is turning 3 soon and growing up fast. We have their birthdays soon and we’re organising parties including a big Hallowe’en bash.

We’ve had a few parties and get togethers for friends over the last few months and it’s nice to socialise again. Unfortunately, I think that many of our friends don’t have houses large enough for entertaining lots of people and those who do probably look at me with pity and think that we’re poor (I’m going for the undercover millionaire / hobo-chic look with a wardrobe that could do with an overhaul).

The idea of being looked down upon by peers because of my appearance doesn’t bother me, but when it comes to my kids – I feel very differently. But that’s another story for another day.

Thanks for reading. GFF


  1. Sounds like you’re in a great position now. Good to be able to see a job and know that although once it would have been ideal, others things are more important now. Great to get the first kid at school and happy, that’s always a big thing to tick off. Before you know it the youngest will be there too! It’s such a cliche, but they really do grow up so fast.
    That’s good news about your house equity. I guess it only really matters if you think you’ll sell, but always nice to have there in the back of your mind.

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  2. I’d be interested to hear more about attitudes to your children, and whether you think it is affecting them. That is one of the problems of the “millionaire next door” lifestyle I guess, but if they aren’t worried, does it matter? So long as they enjoy going to school and have friends to play with, I’m sure they’ll be OK.

    IInteresting to see the children in my son’s class – those who wear the designer labels and those who don’t. That was from age 5. The parents make the child, absolutely.

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    1. Thanks Polygent.
      The attitude with kids and having (hidden family) money is complex and I think that it is multi faceted.
      Luckily my kids are already impeccably polite and kind which should help them become less spoiled but there’s no guarantee…
      At their age, I think that it is the kids that have tantrums who are most prone to becoming a$$holes in a few years and we see it already in some kids.
      On money, the kids are used to shopping in Lidl but demand to go to a café a lot when we are out and about which is lot, especially when we travel.
      Our house is big but our car a 14 plate Toyota – we don’t appear to have any snobbish friends (where we live, people have professional jobs at the uni mostly but aren’t flashy.

      When asked by the Master if we were rich, I pulled out a corny line about how we are healthy,. happy and love each other… It worked – he thinks some things are more important than money.

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