Get £50,000 NOW with State Pension Release!

Have you worked all your life and are you asset rich but maybe cash poor? Could you do with some money now to pay off your mortgage, debts, or treat yourself to something you deserve – then here’s a solution for you.

Unlock tax-free the cash tied up in your UK State pension to enjoy life now without having to wait until the state pension age.

With GFF Financial – the people who can trust – you could with a few easy steps unlock the money that is rightly yours and give it to us.

Am I eligible for State Pension Release?

Luckily, we cater for a wide range of people. We can help you if you can meet any of the following criteria:

  • UK resident (past or present)
  • Have accrued at least 10 years of NI contributions
  • Still be alive

You can even liberate your pension if you currently claiming the state pension. And just be enquiring we’ll send you a free Parker Pen and you’ll also get a free trial membership to Nigel Farage’s “Financial Facts!” newsletter.

How do I get started?

It’s really simple. We give you some documents to sign; you don’t need to read them, they basically say that you’ll give us your State Pension payments when they are payable and in return we give you a cold hard cash – all tax free – either by bank transfer or for a small £100 fee, an oversized novelty cheque. It’s so easy.

How much money can I release?

By surrendering your pension to us you could be eligible for an instant payment of £50,000. That’s a lot of money, so think of it as a new car, spruce up the kitchen, go on a luxury holiday and enough left over to join the Daily Mail Wine Club.

Risks and benefits

Whilst there are no immediate risks, the benefit is that you’ll get lots of money now – just think of the money.

What can I spend the money on?

Anything – it’s up to you. Just make sure that you spend it. Life is for living!

Anything else to consider?

In the event that you die before 90, we may make a small claim on your estate – but we’ll inform you within 28 days of any money being taken. Advice is recommended and you contact us to talk to one of our independent State Pension Release consultants.

Why wait for you pensions when £50,000 is there for you just waiting for you to take it – so what are you waiting for?

Thanks, GFF Financial

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