Earn you way out of a spending problem

Do you find that your spending is out of control? Then you’re just like me. I find that with all the bills, direct debits and spending that our family has, it’s hard to get on top of things. But luckily, there’s a simple trick called “earning more” which can solve all of your problems

Life for a typical modern family is difficult. We’re just about managing ourselves. It’s not easy running a household and looking after everyone but modern guys like me just have to keep our heads down and power through. But still the monthly costs add up: car payments, mortgage, mooring fees, insurance, gas, electricity, stable dues, nursery costs, personal trainers, cleaners, nannies and of course the one off costs like a shopping trip to Milan, a family cruise or ski trip. When it comes to normal family things, there’s no end!

But luckily the simple solution is to earn more money to pay for this all. It’s as simple as that.

You are maybe wondering how you can earn more. Well, asking how is the first step towards doing anything. Would Isaac Einstein have invented gravity if he didn’t ask how? Well, here are a few simple, safe and fun ways to earn more money today!

But How?

  1. Ask for your inheritance early

All pensioners are rich, so don’t beat about the bush; show some gumption and get involved. Many old family members feel that their family would rather they be dead. So show them that’s not true by asking for your share while they are still alive. Alternatively, learn about power of attorney and do it yourself.

  1. Get the pay rise you deserve at work

You’ll never know unless you do it. Failing that, try white collar fraud – it’s fun, everyone is doing it and hardly anyone gets caught.

  1. Make your equity do the hard work

The equity that is lying around in your house or cars or investments properties can be released giving you the illusion of wealth. If you can’t remortgage, take out credit cards to fund your lifestyle but remember to pencil in your house price gains to balance things out; so if you spend £5,000 you need to up the value of your house by £5,000 – there’s no limit to your canniness.

  1. Start an online business

Websites that have 50 ways to make money online as their name is a good way to start. Remember in the Klondike, those selling shovels got rich but those selling maps got rich and stayed warm and dry.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Scheme

These are within reach of anyone who has the inner self-belief and with so many to choose from, the world is your oyster. My tip, go for something that people can’t get enough of like candles, weight loss paraphernalia or beauty products.

  1. Start Forex & Crypto trading

Fun, quick and with no knowledge or expertise require it’s easy too; the only downside is that you’ll wish you started earlier! Remember, you need greed to succeed. A combination of any of these great tools will bring you wealth that you can’t imagine. So what are you waiting for?

Thanks, GFF


  1. Also try following Elon Musk on twitter and buy his share tips. Just make sure you know what you are buying. I’m eagerly watching the share price of Signal Advanced (sigl)

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      1. Jan 6th it SIGL was trading at 0.60 USD and today it peaked at …….. 70.85 USD – stupid money at it finest example

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  2. I know some people earn more money just by using survey services online. You sit and home and just answer questions and get paid at the end. I don’t think its that lucrative but probably worth exploring too. Anyway, great post. Thanks for the content 🙂


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