You know it’s bad when Nigel Farage is giving you financial advice*

YouTube doesn’t seem to know me at all. I’m not going to invest in an Amazon marketplace scam or donate to a Texas based Mosque and today I was greeted with a truly scary video of Nigel Farage instructing me to sign up to his* patriotically named “Fortune and Freedom” newsletter.

“If you think that the financial establishment’s got your best interests at heart and your money is being well looked after; then please don’t watch the rest of this video.”

Thus spoke Faragethusta

Is how our Nigel starts incanting his hadith, ending the opening statement with a half-supressed smirk – maybe he’s thinking of his fee or it’s a bit of reverse psychology, a nod and wink so you know it’s really him and he actually does want you to keep watching to hear his advice*. Well I kept watching this Sunnah Qawliyyah out of pure masochism and oh boy, was it worth it!

You can watch the advert here [LINK] or click below:

Now you can join Nigel’s YouTube empire along with 204,000 other subscribers. I don’t have a YouTube presence but I’d maybe struggle for 204 subscribers – so he’s doing all right there. It’s good that he’s learning to monetise his character’s brand (Al Murray only has 86k but then again he’s not as funny our Nige).

Personally, there is something I despise about Nigel Farage but he’s a bit like Marmite in that you hate him or are an idiot and he has a sordid German backstory that you don’t want to look into in too much detail. Anyway, I don’t like him, I don’t trust him and I don’t trust advice that I get from adverts on Youtube. I also suspect that he is merely the beauty and not the brains behind the financial advice* that he’s talking about.

Why is he doing this?

Out of the goodness of his own heart is the only possible answer, he is a selfless champion of the underdog and proud everyman and isn’t short of cash. He tells us that he spent 20 years in the financial markets as did his father and grandfather before him (but neglects to mention his bankrupt brother). He goes on to bang on about how multinational corporations are all bloody remainers who didn’t want us to take back control and not only bad/treasonous but personally responsible for of your financial misery and they are the ones who are making lots of money out of your investments and pensions! (Don’t tell him about John Redwood or Jacob Rees Mogg). With this fair and balanced background he continues to say that:

“We are getting a pretty rotten deal” and

“(it’s time to)  “Take Back Control – of our finances” (hang on, wasn’t that Dom’s motto?).

Nigel Farage

So you can sign up to the newsletter which will arrive a 9am every morning to get ideas and reports and Nigel’s wise insights and expert tips – this advice* is not to tell you what to do but to give you an idea of some of the alternatives that are just about permitted under FCA rules. He goes on to scare us (even the young!) about the world and the safety of your money and paints a bleak impression of the state pension in 30 years’ time (just when I’ll be drawing it myself – it’s like he’s personally giving me advice*) He even says that his investments have not done so well over the years (probably too much FTSE100 and unwavering belief in Britain?)

And the name? Fortune & Freedom

You’ve got to love that. I do believe in Financial Independence (and FIRE – with caveats) and taking control of your own situation, future and destiny is more important than ever these days. Who doesn’t want Fortune & Freedom. It’s a convincing pitch; if you are driven by your emotions and feel aggrieved by the world and have a sense of loss that you can’t quite put your finger on but you know that it’s all the fault of Brussels & the EU / illegal immigrants / legal immigrants / liberal metropolitan elites / snowflake hipsters / Londoners / Guardian readers / scroungers / Cameron & Osborne / Gordon Brown somebody else but definitely not you. ready to take back control of your money!

Target Audience?

Given Nigel Farage’s and Brexit’s appeal the typical person that they are targeting will be older, whiter, less cerebrally functioning, better at making bad choices and is financially illiterate. They are a great bunch altogether and I suspect are the perfect targets for the BIG 5 of the predatory financial parasite world:

  1. Final Salary Pension Transfers
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Equity Release
  4. General scams for stupid people (like unsecured “Brexit Bonds”)
  5. Crypto / CFD / FOREX trading for morons

Fortune & Freedom Fanbase

Given Nigel’s star appeal and loyal followers, his newsletter full of great advice* has already been signed up to by more than 130,000 people. That’s a phenomenal number of people and

Maybe Savings and Serfdom are a better name – since there’s no easy route to get rich quick and if there is, you don’t need to sign up to a bloody seminar to get the expert insiders tips. [LINK to MLM] But don’t let that stop you following Nigel’s advice*. He’s talking about Financial Independence and he said he’s “giving it his best shot” which is as close to a money back guarantee as you are going to get.

Accompanied by a fairly blistering attack on financial advisers, Farage has launched a daily investment newsletter called Fortune & Freedom. The unregulated newsletter claims to “show you the opportunities and ideas to help grow your wealth in a New Britain, unleashed after Brexit.” There’s a post here about it from another blog called Informed choice about it and by Justin Cash.

Also, in case you missed it, there’s a helpful disclaimer to say that this is an #ad and Nigel can be trusted because he’s open and honest about this, but Nigel is a top bloke and you can trust him*.

Anyway, to save you from the horror of rubbish investing tips, I’ve decided to sign up myself and in following posts, I’ll let you know what Nigel Farage is explicitly tell you to invest your money in through unregulated advice*.

*Just to be clear, this is not actually his newsletter and when, after following his advice and you end up worse-off and feel that you’ve made a mistake, (sound familiar) he will deny any responsibility or accountability for your own decision to listen to him and his cronies. Caveat Gamba.

*Just to be clear, this is not actually his newsletter and when, after following his advice and you end up worse-off and feel that you’ve made a mistake, (sound familiar) he will deny any responsibility or accountability for your own decision to listen to him and his cronies. Caveat Gamba gammon – Wiktionary.

Good luck and keep your money safe. I put this one in the WWD pile – Weapons of Wealth Destruction.

Thanks, GFF


  1. Nigel has been doing interviews on the investment circuit for a very long time even though his main focus was Brexit.

    Do you have anything concrete against Nige’s newsletter or you are just gaslighting?

    ps, im not a fan of Nige, but id bet he would be interesting to have a pint with down the pub though when hes not sailing the channel looking for immigrants.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the tone of the video made me think that he was eager to use his appeal to monetise his brand.
      The investments advice that I’ve seen so far suggests that I should get involved in cryptocurrency speculation – it’s far from vanilla advice.


  2. sounds dodgy, you have a good point.
    im not sure where Nigel has been invested ,the stock market has given great returns.


    1. His downtrodden stance is to help fuel the sense of self pity, regret, disappointment anger, frustration and scapegoating that the target audience has.
      Harness thales power of complicity and his advice will have people investing money that they can’t afford to lose in hair brained schemes.

      Liked by 1 person

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