My Super Secret Side-Hustle: Buy to Let Pets

A few of you have been wondering how am I making £2,000 a month on the side. Well, I’ve managed to combine Britain’s love of Property with Pets to create the UK’s first Buy to Let Pet empire.

It’s very simple. It turns out that there are restrictive rules in place to stop you opening your own puppy farm but that’s only if you are selling animals. And did you know that behind the scenes there are shadowy organisations like the Kennel Club who make a lot of money out of restricting the supply of animals on to the market. Together they collude to restrict supply, hike prices and charge an extortionate amount of money for what they do – which is just a cartel

Some news stories

They agree prices between breeders and it’s no surprise that in 2020 when getting a covid pet became the must have fashion accessory that they took the chance to gouge the market. I’m not making this up! Puppies are now costing almost £1,900 on average compared to half that a year ago – out of reach of many.

Priced Out?

Extortionate prices

Well, the good news is that just like with owning property becoming an unrealistic dream for many and renting is the Hobson’s choice of many, there’s a growing market for rental pets.

And you wouldn’t believe the yields that I’m getting!

I can pick up a rescue dog for about £400 a pop or buy them off bored owners also. The dog market is wide and many people go after the luxury executive townhouse dog (poodle) or the Volvo estate dog (Golden Labrador) but I go after the Sink Estate Ex-council house dogs (Yorkshire Terriers, pitbulls, mongrels). They don’t rent for as much but they are a lot cheaper to buy. I spent a few hundred pounds on a distance learning amateur veterinary science certificate and once I buy them, I do up the dogs – get them ready for the rental market, just the bare minimum though (you’ve all seen homes under the hammer – this is hounds under the hammer!)*

I then rent them out for between £100 and £250 a month to people. I take a month’s deposit and insist on payments a month in advance. I keep costs down by advertising on Gumtree and make full use of my “wear and tear” allowances. If I can flip a dog in 2 weeks then I’m happy.

At the moment I have 15 dogs but I’m always on the look out for more (or strays!) and after costs are included I am making £2,000 a month or a massive yield of 400%!

The best thing is that since I’m not actually selling the dogs, I am not under any legal restrictions or obligations at all. The Kennel Club don’t like it but they can stick it and so long as I through the RSPCA a bone, they turn a blind eye.

A Dog, Just for Christmas

Since we in Lockdown in our area, I’ve not been able to deliver freshly rented dogs to their new renters but I have been able to post them out instead. Getting the dosing right for anaesthesia was a bit of trial and error and there were some very sad children when they opened the box which turned out to be a cardboard coffin. But I’m learning and that’s what business is all about.

With Christmas just around the corner I’m charging double for most of my dogs that are on the market right now. I even had to dog-nap a couple of dogs back since the rent I was charging was too low – but without red tape like Section 21 notices required I can just take back my property anytime I like.

January Sales

I expect that I’ll have a lot of dogs back in January when they novelty wears off. I don’t do any training or anything like that (waste of time and I don’t know how to do it) – so renters will get fed up of a emotionally damaged dog that isn’t house trained.

The Future

I’m looking to expand not only my paw-folio (see what I did there?) but expand into other pets. Cats might be good since I can train them to come back to me and then I’ll charge the renters a 3-month fine for losing the pet or accuse them of running it over. Rodents are too cheap and disposable to make any money on but I’m thinking of investing in reptiles. Snakes attract weird people and it might be something that you rent on impulse and then forget about – low maintenance, high margin so a great asset.

Should you invest in Buy to Let Pets?

There’s a lot of money to be made and think of all the happy renters you’ll be helping out! If you do plan to follow in my footsteps you’ll need to sign up to my seminar “Poundz for Houndz – how to get rich with Buy to Let Pets” which is reduced from £2,999 to just £999 per person + VAT**And all attendees get a free puppy*** to start building their empire! PM me for more information.

Thanks, GFF

*No dogs have been hit by any hammers.

**We are not VAT registered but we’ll keep the 20% anyway.

***Puppies are unvaccinated and have a limited life expectancy. Shots are available on the day for a modest £299 from a certificated veterinary enthusiast.


  1. Hilarious – loved this, chuckled throughout. Though you had me at the puppy pics anyway.

    Good form – even with the side hustle tease 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It seems this strategy has gone viral here in the States as evidenced when I was looking for a dog.
    No more dog needs a good home ads. It is all profit motivated here. From $400 up to purchase a dog. I have also noticed there is no stray dogs in our neighborhood anymore.


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