Working more, blogging less

I’ve been busy working this week and unable to write some proper blog posts – sorry to my legion of fans who wait on my every word but maybe being engrossed in work is no bad thing?

One of the aspects of the Early Retirement movement that I liked was the idea of not working. After all, work is the curse of the drinking classes and all work and no play makes GFF a dull boy.

Well, maybe work isn’t all that bad. I’m an engineer and that means I get to (like all other engineers) play with excel all day. Its’ great fun and it intellectually rewarding. It also has the benefit of pay – and the pay I get from working for someone else is more than I can get for doing anything for myself alone.

The idea that by cooperating with others, we can achieve more and become richer as a result has been known about in economics for a long time and ok, from 2016 we decided that the UK doesn’t need that crutch and we’d be ok on our own, but the principle stands. Comparative advantage is where it is at. My comparative advantage is being an engineer.

So, I’m back working now, around 25ish hours a week. Enough pay to make me feel ok about getting a takeaway (Turkish as recommended by

Work does have its downsides – first of all, I have to devote a large part of my brain to it (maybe 45%), which means less space for other things including blogging. I did try one post earlier this week but got mixed up half way through and decided to save it as draft.

Am I happier with a bit of work coming in? That’s hard to say. I certainly feel a lot more useful doing something than nothing and intellectually it’s nice to have problems to solve and people to talk to. Where work ends up taking up 90% of your brain and all the best daytime hours – then we have a problem, but I’m not there yet.

And in case anyone was wondering, this blog doesn’t make any money. I tried to see what it could make and the answer was pennies and I’d be better of focusing on my side hustle (big reveal coming soon perhaps) or just roaming the streets looking for dropped coins than post blogs all day long.

How’s work been for you if you’ve been off on furlough or just out of work? Good to be back? A means to an end or the purpose of your life?

Thanks, GFF


  1. It all boils down to what you want to do with your life.
    Monks know, the power-hungry know, …
    Some men desire only a job they enjoy, an adequate salary, and the love of a good woman.
    If they get those they can reasonably expect to be happy.

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    • I’ve been in a funny situation the last 12 months where I’ve become very disenfranchised with work but I’m in the first world problem where if I left I’d have to take a significant pay cut or shoulder the risk that my clients don’t come with me (or enough to justify my salary).

      Really difficult decision but at present I’ve decided to suck it up and double down on taking advantage of the pay and salt away even more than I was. 3 years from basic fi with a fair wind and forgiving markets please

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      • A sort of Jerry Maguire dilemma?
        I have had two contracts in last year and the first company is on the rocks and have no work.
        The other place we were asked to take a 10% pay cut but given that there are very few jobs out there it was actually 90% pay (glass half full).
        2021? I expect things won’t get better but I have secure work for the next few months

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  2. I have retained my job through this pandemic. However, what I went through I would never wish on my worst enemy.
    Healthcare has taken and is still taking a nose dive.
    With that being true, it has been incredibly hard to blog as well because I can’t disconnect the moment I get home.
    However, at the end of the day we must earn enough to survive if we want to write.
    I wouldn’t write off your blog yet though. Network with the right people and you may soon a lot of money coming in.

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    • Thanks.
      I don’t make any money from the blog and don’t really want to.
      My.”research” of successful finance/family/lifestyle/travel/kids blogs didn’t entice me into getting.more involved.and I don’t want to put my kids online to get more hits.
      Using my incredibly cute kids as a marketing ploy is beyond the pale.

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      • I agree, though I know others that do put their families into their blogs. It is best to do it anonymously. That is how I started out, however, a twist of fate at work and my hand was forced to release my identity.
        I believe your blog will grow without needing to jeopardize you and your families privacy. Good luck!

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    • I think that I am now feeling economically insulated from the day to day or month to month stresses of working for money.
      The new lockdown for us in scotland which includes nurseries closing raises a different spectre of problems, work + kids = disaster


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