Perks of the Job (part 2)

In the 6 months or so since either the Lady or I have been in the office, we are beginning to run low on the little staples of everyday work life that those of us in our cloistered cubicles took for granted for so long. More specifically, we have run out of blank A4 paper for our printer.

For Part 1 see here where I contradict the below:

We’ve been selling a lot of thing on eBay recently and printing off a label for postage. I invested in a printer early on in the lockdown after using a work one for personal use for years but I neglected to consider what I would feed it with. We are now flat out of paper and have taken to using the blank sides of other pieces of paper that we have around the house.

What would it cost to get another 500 pages of crisp, pure, white A4 paper? £6.99 is the answer. not much I hear you say. But it’s not just paper, it’s pens, markers, cellotape, envelopes, polypockets, paperclips and notepads. We’re running low on all of these!

I could of course spend my own money on these things but please understand this – it’s the principle that matter here. For pale and pudgy office caged work drone like us, a bit of white collar crime in the stationary department is not just a privilege of our cloistered cubicle existence, it’s our right. It might not be explicitly mentioned in our contracts, but we all know that it’s acceptable to steal create your own home stationary cupboard.

I have for a very very long time had the fundamental belief that you should never ever spend money on anything for work except clothes – the clothes are yours but fancy a nice moleskin notepad – be nice to Tracey who orders the stationary and she’ll get you one. You can pick up a lot at conferences and exhibitions – why would you spend your money on work? It’s beyond my ken.

So after 6 months of home working, we are reaching the limits of what we’ve taken and feeling the pinch. There might well be a vaccine on the horizon but who knows what’s going to happen next year or the year after. When the next lockdown comes, make sure that alongside hoarding all the toilet paper and kitchen roll, that you raid the stationary cupboard, lest you run out of something that you might need to spend a couple of quid on yourself.

As for me? I think that I’ll just need to buy a ream of paper and be done with it.

Thanks, GFF


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