Money Life Miracle for just £100

I got a thank you today from someone I had honestly forgotten about but his story will warm your heart.

A year ago I was walking in town when a man came up to me and asked for some money. His clothes were dirty and his hair unwashed and he looked hungry. You might think that he was just another bum, but I had a second look and saw something about him that made me think twice about him – something magical

“You’ll just spend this money on drugs and alcohol” I said.

“No” he responded, “I just need to money to help me with life, you see I have an idea that’ll change the world but I just need some money to get started”.

I was dubious, so I asked him “are you on drugs right now? I’m not giving money to a needle-needer!”

He then told me his story about how he grew up in a broken household and how his father was a bad man who made his mother become an exotic dancer and do terrible things so that he could spend all the money on fix odds betting terminals, booze and cigarettes. It wasn’t easy growing up and he left school at 16 but couldn’t find a job because he didn’t have the right look or accent, so he became a pickpocket and beggar. It was then that he succumbed to drugs, be started smoking the marijuana cigarettes, playing fast and loose with acid bombs and cannonballs – it was hair raising just listening to it.

But he turned his life around and quit all that. It meant he lost his friends but he found a new belief in himself. He started going to the library and improving his IT skills. He learnt how to programme on the library’s computers and needed £100 to get started.

“Why £100?” I asked

“£99 to buy a second hand computer and £1 for the electricity machine in my flat that is coin operated and very expensive”

This brought a tear to my eye, partly because we pay by direct debit and I always search for the cheapest tariff. But at this point, I understood that he wasn’t asking for a hand out, he was asking for a hand up.

So, I gave him £100 and he thanked me saying he’d pay me back 100 times over. I said “no, don’t pay me back but pay on the favour and help someone else”.

Money Life Miracle

In the last year, he bought that computer and learnt to programme better, starting with C++ and he quickly got an A grade. It goes to show that whilst you might not have all the right degrees and certificates you can still have street smarts. He developed a computer programme that allows you to buy shares that will go up in value and sell them if they go down. He didn’t have much money to start with but he managed to consistently make about 5% profit a day. with only about 30 minutes work involved as he uses computer algorithms.

Within a few weeks he earned enough money to pay off his credit cards. A few weeks after that he bought the flat that he lived in. As he kept working hard and believing in himself he was able to share his wealth – his mother is no longer dancing and he gave her a holiday of a lifetime – a 5 star cruise around the world. His company became so successful that he opened up an office and employed at risk youth there – creating jobs and bringing hope to many. The company was worth so profitable that Google bought it just a few weeks ago for one hundred million pounds! That’s a massive return on just that £100 that I gave him.

Anyway, he tells me this story and I’m in awe at him. He now looks like a different person, wearing a Saville Row suit and driving a Lamborghini. He has filled his pension, owns a yacht and has become really popular. He is the person he always dreamed he would be. It’s amazing what you can do if you just believe in yourself and spend some money to make your dreams become a reality. He has already given away £100 to a thousand of his friends and family and they are on the same route to success.

If you think that this story is too fantastical, then that’s fine – go ahead and always be the person others will make you be. But if you want to believe that you too can achieve a Money Life Miracle, you might be interested in learning more. There is something from this story that you can take away for yourself and for just £100, you can attend a Money Life Miracle web seminar where we can help you untap your potential and you can learn the secrets of success.

Sign-up now.

Thanks, GFF


  1. Darn it, I should have given that guy the £200 I made recently from switching bank accounts. Switched a dormant HSBC account to Halifax and then switched the Halifax account to LLoyds. £200 incentive switching payment acquired. I tried to explain how to get a free £200 to some colleagues and they just appeared bemused.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Sadly the Halifax offer has closed but the Lloyds one is still open. Natwest and HSBC have offers too but I’m excluded from those as I have previously benefited from other offers they ran. Enjoy the “free money” it was the best paid “work” I’ve recently done. £200 for circa 30 minutes “work”


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