8 great things about working from home during the lockdown

So how long has this whole lockdown been going on for now? I don’t remember exactly but it was somewhere around St. Patrick’s day and now it’s July so a long time. Anyone else getting crazy being stuck at home? If you are working from home you are maybe getting fed up of it – but here are 8 reasons why it’s not so bad (for my anyway). It’s also a good test if you do decide to give up the daily grind of the 9-5 and do something different (but stay at home all the time!)

  1. No alarm clock

I am not an early bird and I’ve had a mechanical or electronic slumber suppression device rudely snatch me from the soft arms of Hypnos. It’s not natural!!! Since the lockdown, I’ve dispensed with the alarms and wake up when I’m ready. Or more accurately when the Little Lady comes in and wakes me up – normally at 07:15 but that’s an improvement on before.

  1. Later wake up time

I had a 65 mile one way commute previously which meant leaving the house around 5am to drive to work at 6:15 in order to secure a free on-street parking space. Competition was fierce! Alternatively, I could leave at 04:55 and cycle to the railway station, walk to the bus station and get the 5:20 red eye megabus. God I hate Megabus. The 07:15 eye poke is an improvement

  1. Coffee time

My last few work places have all had coffee that makes you wonder why you are drinking it. Just like how smokers end up not enjoying the tobacco – so too does a caffeine addict when you wait until your Nescafe is just cool enough to poor down your throat, bypassing your taste buds without giving your oesophageous 3rd degree burns! Well that’s my dirty little secret. At home, coffee can be any way you like it and made from real beans too! The same goes for tea if you are tea drinker – Tetley’s no more!

  1. Eating and snacks

Since you are at home, you can take your time with lunch or snacks. You choose what you want and you can even make a start on a Bolognese that you can do when you commute. You also save money because you are not popping into M&S for a lunch “deal” and you’ll probably eat healthier too.

  1. Returning home

My old routine was to leave the office around 16:00 and drive back, arriving around 17:30 or get the train back and get home around the same time. I really enjoyed the cycle from the station back home but I was beat after a long day. Instead, now when the working day is over we can actually head out and go somewhere nice like a playpark, beach or even climb a hill!

  1. Money

Maybe my commute was a bit extreme but the daily cost was between £15 – £20 for the petrol  or bus/train tickets. Over a year that could add up to £3,500. Add on wear and tear and you are talking about a lot of money. Plus car parking would have been an extra £100 a month (cheapskate never bothered). I’m saving a ton of money staying at home.

  1. Health

No commute means I feel healthier and if you look at your average middle aged commuter, they are probably overweight and out of shape. I’m cycling more than ever now! The kids are driving us crazy but overall my physical and mental health is better.

  1. Booze and Sleep

If you have to wake up at half 4 then you go to bed late, your evenings are compressed into the things you need to do with the kids – cook, eat, tidy, play, bath, books, bed (at 21:00 for ours) – I’d be dead by 22:00. Now, I can stay up till midnight if I like and have a beer if I want too!

So, overall, the lockdown has been beneficial for my own work/life position. Long may it continue. Fair is foul and foul is fair – I’m not trying to be Panglossian but there’s been a lot of good sides to the lockdown and I hope to work from home a lot more in the future. How’s it been for you, plain sailing or solitary confinement, money saving or brain chaffing – let me know!

Thanks, GFF

P.S. I haven’t even mentioned ironing- not a stitch has been done since pre-lockdown!


  1. It sounds awful to say, but I’m loving lockdown. I had the choice to work from home 4 days a week before lockdown and I didn’t fancy it. I thought I would miss the social interaction, and with only a 15 minute door to desk commute the benefits weren’t quite so obvious. I’m loving it though and am definitely going to keep it going after things open up again. Being able to sit in the garden on my breaks rather than trying to find a seat in a noisy break out area is bliss. I’m not sure if I’ll feel differently in the winter when it’s cold and dark, but for now the pluses definitely outweigh any negatives. I’d rather be working in my comfortable house instead of in a cramped cubicle surrounded by hundreds of people. It’s much more civilised at home. I really thought I would miss my colleagues, but it turns out video interaction with them is more than enough.


    • Thanks for stopping by
      I suppose it depends a bit on how comfortable your home is compared to the office. I’ve had a few different types of both and i reckon that for some people getting ti work could be a luxurious escape!


  2. A 65 mile commute is quite the impressive commitment! 3 hours back in your day must have revolutionised your relationship with work now it’ll just be a stroll to your computer.

    My commute was only circa 25 minutes and I definitely appreciate the time back.

    Once lockdown ends are you planning or able to try and negotiate more flexible working?


  3. Firstly, 65 miles! Each way! Wowser. That sounds like a huge time saving for you right now.

    Agree with all of these points, and I would add one other: productivity.

    Probably different for everybody, due to childcare etc, but I’ve found getting away from the open-plan office has meant I can work much more effectively in blocks. No constant noise or tapping on the shoulder.

    Very grateful to be able to earn a living from home. And to be frank, I’d be delighted to only go into the office one day per week from now on. Perhaps even less. A full return will require quite an adjustment now…


    • yeah – the distance is due to my wife’s company being where we live and my work being where we used to live.
      Where we is LCOL compared to where I work so it’s a sensible choice to live where we do in some ways.
      Productivity – what’s a big ? for many people. Better to focus but worse for collaboration.


  4. I still wake up to an alarm clock, although a little later than when I had to go into the office. I have no idea what time I’d get up if I didn’t have an alarm and I don’t cope well if I sleep too much!

    I drink the same instant coffee at home but am snacking more only because there’s stuff in the cupboards/fridge!

    Like you, I’ve saved a lot of money by staying at home but it’s probably more from not having a social life, rather than work/commuting costs.

    I don’t think my health is any better than it was – I miss the gym too much which benefited me physically and mentally.

    On the whole however, I’d say lockdown hasn’t been a negative on my life.

    I have no idea how I will cope if I have to wear proper shoes or boots again – my feet have only been in slippers or trainers these past 4 months!


  5. […] This month I’m furloughing myself because I have no more work left to do. Mmm… this is what it feels like to be retired (involuntarily). I don’t know if I’ll get future work. The main company I’m contracting to has a big project that was supposed to pick off in early July but it’ll be late August – and I don’t know what work (if any I’ll get). In all honesty though, going back full time, 40 hours a week + commute is not something I want to do. I’ve talked a bit about how I feel about it here. […]


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