6 months & 6 ways to save the planet!

I read this article this week about how we now have a unique opportunity to change the course of the climate crisis and to prevent a post-lockdown rebound in greenhouse gas emissions that we’ll not recover from. 6 months is not a long time but it’s still time.

This is something that I feel we have as a once in a lifetime opportunity. We had it after the 1st world war and after the 2nd. We have a chance to change what we do and make the world a better place. If we go back to business as usual then we’ll have squandered the best chance we’ll ever have.

One thing that is close to me is sustainable development. Simply, humankind is exhausting the planet’s resources faster than they can be regenerated. The exploitation has brought us many advantages (see CO2 emissions vs. human development index) but we are testing the limits of the planet and we’ll be the ones that get hurt from it. Be it wildfires, hurricanes or droughts – we are seeing the worsening impact of global warming every year.

One ray of hope is that we suffered a similar crisis with CFCs back in the 80s and produced the Montreal Protocol to create a global solution to a global problem. These days, global cooperation can not be taken for granted as I posited. However there are things we can all do as we come out of Lockdown to play our part:

6 Ways you can reduce your carbon footprint without doing very much:

  1. After lockdown, work from home more and commute less
  2. If you do commute, cycle or walk instead of driving*
  3. Use your car less (especially for hobbies / pastimes like “shopping”)
  4. Buy less junk
  5. Eat more veg & Eat less meat (especially beef!)
  6. Fly less and try slow travel

But it’s not just your habits but also your money that

6 Ways to invest your money to do some good:

  1. Spend some money to make your home energy efficient – from LED lightbulbs and draft excluders to loft insulation and solar panels, there’s something you can do and the financial pay-off is worth it.
  2. Pull your money from dirty industries like oil – it’s been a poor investment anyway.
  3. Put money into sustainable investments like iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (low cost), Triodos Global Equities Impact ,GRID or companies like SSE who are investing £4m a day, helping to power green recovery.
  4. Invest in companies that are leading the way in the technologies of the future like ITM Power.  
  5. Invest directly in sustainable projects like at Abundance Investment.
  6. Or for more inspiration, have a read of diyinvestoruk for other ideas on what’s going on.

Good luck, GFF

For transparency, of the companies listed here, I only hold shares in SSE (8 of them in fact worth about £100). The above is not a recommendation that you’ll make it rich through investing in them and I’m not an advisor or even particularly skilled investor. Do your own research!

*Sadly carsharing and public transport will take a hit due to the virus, even though they are great ways to not only save money & carbon but lower your stress levels, get to know people and give you time to relax.


  1. Nice post! Good point about CFCs back then. Let’s hope! LED lights, yeah, defo on the slow transfer to them, but maybe I should just make the switch?

    As a non car owner, definitely weird not having been on public transport for aaages. Took one Uber the other day. Felt quite ceremonious haha. Definitely the lockdown has helped but I fear air pollution got worse in my area since the first day lockdown restrictions loosened…or it felt like it carting the little one to nursery.

    Been looking into Abundance’s anaerobic digestion energy source which is looking for funding atm for 16 years. Have a good weekend!


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