Marcus Rashford, free school meals, eye tests & government u-turns

Congratulations to Marcus Rashford for making the government change its stance over free school meals.

It’s funny how easily the government changed its mind over extending food vouchers to 1.3 million school children who will be at risk of deprivation and food poverty come the summer holidays from school. And fair play to the 22 year old who’s own campaign managed to turn around government policy.

On the one hand, it shows that the government is open to listening to the people and making changes based on what people value. On the other hand it shows that the government is weak and that a single issue protest can lead to changing of entrenched government positions – like Joanna Lumley and Ghurkas did. In PR terms, it can show that the government is weak and wobbly (sorry Mrs. May) or kind and magnanimous.

It does make me wonder why the government would u-turn over giving free school meals fro 6 week to 1.3 million kids and not make a similar u-turn over the 40 mile round trip to Barnard Castle for an eye-test that one advisor did recently who kept his job.

Of course, eye-tests are free in Scotland – probably just a sign of how terrible Scotland is, Dom should have gone to Specsavers just North of Hadrian’s Wall.

Thanks, GFF


  1. Reading about Rashford made a nice change from the recent stories about footballers breaching lockdown to hire prostitutes and have house parties.

    Even if he does play for a team I hate.


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