Trying that budget: how to keep at it!

Good to read about how another family are on a similar journey to us.
And everyone loves a budget!

FIRE with Family

Finding a method to keeping a budget that really made us aware of our money and spending was the first step that led to our FIRE journey, even if we didn’t realize it at the time. We didn’t have credit cards when we were first married, so we were (fortunately) forced to only spend money that we had.

2010-2011: our first few years

Our income was very small, Danielle was self-employed as a private music teacher, a church musician, and had a small part-time retail job. Joseph was finishing school and had a part-time paid internship. All we would do for budgeting was look at the balance in our bank account and if it looked like a few hundred, we’d think “ok, we’ve got some money, we can go eat out/buy this kayak…” Then our bills would need to be paid, and we’d suddenly find that we had no money…

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