Blood on the Streets

The markets are in turmoil, the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak are being felt worldwide and the news can only paint a negative picture.

Sell all your stocks now!

The FTSE100 sits at around 7200 right now on Monday morning. Almost a 3% drop from Friday and the market is panicked! That puts it on a yield of around 4.65% – pretty tasty if you ask me. But don’t let that stop you panicking. Please panic!

Of course, the alternative narrative might be that:

  • Coronavirus is not as deadly as Malaria and doesn’t kill hundreds of thousands of people a year and we don’t really worry about that
  • the spread will be limited and new cases will peak then drop
  • That a vaccine will be found
  • Life will go on

This looks like a great buying opportunity right now. Or you can panic and sell your stocks – I’ll be buying.

Good luck, GFF

P.S. there’s enough people out there worrying about this (soon to be?) pandemic. I don’t think that one extra person worrying will do any good – so that’s why I’m trying to keep calm and carry on buying.


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