Month-End Accounts: January 2020

Sorry for not posting for a month. I’ve been busy at work and holidays and it takes longer to write this rubbish than it takes for you to read it!

This month sees us earning well, spending lots and giving back some of the stock market gains from December.

This coronavirus seems to have given the whole world the spooks!

21084Personally, would like to think that it’s a good time to buy when others are fearful. As I said a long time back about Brexit.

It’s funny that whilst hundreds of people have died already from the virus (which is a bad thing) it’s about the same as were killed in that plane crash in Iran. Maybe that crash put pay to WWIII or the 3rd Gulf War and maybe wars not so bad for business as viruses are – but a month ago we had different worries.

Even the usual chaos and bickering over Brexit has been ignored – and maybe checks at the border are good if you want to keep out infections?

Next month it’ll be something different (if we are not all dead)

Family wise, we had a great holiday skiing. It was great for the adults and the kids were just in crummy childcare for a week. We paid about £2600 for flights, transfers, hotel (half-board) and ski passes Plus childcare for two kids (the Master was in Nursery as he was maybe just a few months too young for ski school – which would have cost a lot more!) It’s a lot of money but overall, it was good value for money.

That’s our big holiday for the year and where we went to (Val d’Isere) was quite pricey. But the snow conditions were excellent and get got lots of skiing done. I also had some reasonably priced oysters with a beer and chips at 2500m – which was nice.  Next year we’ll be elsewhere when childcare options are wide.

We also had our windows done. About £3000 of necessary work – you could call it a one-off but we only got half the windows done, so maybe we’ll do the rest later this year. My hope is that first of all the windows don’t fall out (as they may have) and that it makes the house more thermally efficient (read less drafty, more comfortable and save us money!) £3000 is a lot, and who ever said that there’s no such thing as an out of the blue bill.

For February, it’s all work and no play although I am going for a weekend to Glasgow with some people I haven’t seen in a while. The family is going away to the Scottish Borders as week in February with two other families. I’m taking a day off work to ensure we get a decent room in the house! We are also looking at organising a trip to England and again London later this year.

In Summary:

  • Income = good
  • Outgoings = bad
  • Assets = Weathered
  • Windows = Weather proof
  • Family = Happy




  1. Did you fit the windows yourself?

    I will be buying some replacement windows and giving it a crack in the summer. First time for everything…


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