GFF’s Making Loads of Money™ Risk-Free Schemes: Flipping Hotel Room Bookings

Happy New Year – but only if you make it happy!

Do you want to be rich in 2020? How badly? Well – I’m here to tell you about a great new way to make lots of lovely money: Hotel Room Flipping.

This popular opportunity is perfect for people just like you! Do you want to Make Loads of Money? It’s simple, sophisticated and fun! With no hard work it’s 100% guaranteed to earn you a passive income! With the only downside is you could get a free holiday.

Learn more…

Congratulations on clicking for more – so many wannabes don’t even take the first step toward financial freedom. You are better than them – you are not a wannabe you are a gonnnabe Making Loads of Money (MLM) because it is a proven way to allow you to put your own inner spirit towards aligning your dreams to give you the business success you deserve! Just by clicking means that you have the potential and you should be proud of the fact that you are already cannier than 90% of the population.

Would you like to have more money and be a happier person? Of course you would! After all, you deserve it and with this ingenious MLM programme that is available now for just £99 you can literally be making money from your home within hours!

The only limit on how much money you make is how much you want it to happen.

So do you believe in yourself? – are you empowered to unleash your own success?

Then click for more information and invest in your own future.

(automatic credit card debit of £99 will be made)

Congratulations on your MLM purchase – I won’t regret it. You are now a gonnabe who is on the inside and with that you get to learn more about the secrets of making loads of money!

Before we start making loads of money. You might be wondering what do you get for your £999specially reduced to just £99 for select investors.

  • You get this hastily written blog post
  • The home study guide – itself worth over £500
  • Access to the exclusive Hotel Room Flipping community forum
  • The chance to spend even more money at weekend MLM conferences or evening seminars hosted by me
  • And I’ve signed you up to get more MLM unsolicited emails for other opportunities
  • The chance to start recruiting your friends and family as well as strangers into this business

By spending this money you’ve invested in yourself and who better to trust than yourself? You do believe in yourself don’t you? If you don’t believe in yourself then you might as well stop reading now, but if you do and don’t think that you’ve just lost £99 but just started investing in your future, read on!

Is flipping hotel rooms right for me?

Do you want to be rich? Do you have the passion? Got a chip on your shoulder? Can you imagine yourself driving a Ferrari passed all your doubters in life? Joe great would it be to look down on everyone else – “look at my now losers”? Imagine how great it would feel to be obnoxious and lord your new found wealth over former friends and acquaintances?

So what’s the secret? Have you ever tried to book a hotel at the last minute but found that the price is higher than when you first looked a few weeks back? That’s because prices rise the closer you get to the date – it’s the same for everything like flights, holidays and train tickets.  This is a way for the common person (or gomnabe) to take advantage of rising prices and a bit of patience – you’ll be making thousands of pounds within a few weeks.

The hotel industry is a sophisticated business but there is still a way for an entire novice to make some easy bucks! You might just think that I made this up but it’s a tried and tested method that goes back many years – this is just a modern version. If you follow these simple instructions you’ll start to make the money that is rightly yours and gain the financial freedom and self-esteem that you deserve.

Hotel Room Flipping is a good way to invest because by artificially restricting the supply of hotel rooms you can make the price rise. Higher prices are good because people feel better about staying in more expensive hotels; ergo you increase the overall experience for travelers and make some money as well – it’s truly win-win.

Here’s how Hotel Room Flipping Works

  1. Start small, but dream big! Only you can do it once you’ve paid to become a gonnabe
  2. take out a stooze card and magic up around £10,000- you’ll need it for start-up capital. If you can’t get one, borrow a card from a partner or vulnerable adult – remember to pay them back if you make any money. Other forms of collateral are your family home, internal organs and first born children.
  3. go to a hotel chain and look for promotions. For example £29 a night and £10,000 can get you over 300 rooms – that’s a good way to start small. Spend at least 5 minutes doing research on this.
  4. now rapidly book multiple rooms in different hotels at these low low prices – for example, I think that Liverpool might do well in the football this year and more people might come to their games and stay in a hotel. Also, Brexit will be a success so people will want to stay in a patriotic hotel – so I book several rooms in the Britannia hotel Liverpool around April 2020. So I will book all the rooms for every weekend in April. Britannia hotels are so bad that they are also likely to only get better – meaning you are buying at a bargain price – this makes you a canny investor.
  5. Buy low and sell high – just wait until the prices go up and then sell your room back to the hotel. That’s the easy bit! (but how to do it requires you to sign up to the VIP flipping membership programme at a cost of only £399 (reduced from £1999 for a limited time only)
  6. Well done you’ve just MLM‘d and with the money you’ve made, invest it in more hotel rooms
  7. Rinse and repeat – don’t stop until you are flipping thousands of hotel rooms a day!

There’s no risk involved if you believe in yourself*. The average return is only about 50% every 10 weeks – which isn’t too good to be true – it’s how good it is – believe me, I’m a guy from the internet.

If you don’t make money, it’s entirely your fault, but that’s not going to happen!**

GFF believes in you! Do you believe in yourself? That’s the only question you need to answer.

Give it a go and you’ll not be disappointed. The only limit is how much greedy you are!

Next time I’ll tell you about how you can get even richer by flipping Cruise Ships – not rooms but the whole damn boat!

Thanks, GFF

*bankruptcy is another option

**If worse comes to worse you’ll get a free holiday out of it


  1. Brilliant! Highly amusing. A friend of my girlfriend has just gotten involved in a MLM and it is quite akin to a cult. We asked her if she knew it was a MLM and she responded as is it were a script…

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