7 easy steps to say F**K Frugalism (you won’t believe number 4!)

Do you suffer from the Pain of Payment?

Do you wish that it would go away and allow you to spend money more freely?

If you want to say “F**K YOU Frugalism” then read these 7 clickbaity tips!

  1. Compare yourself to your Social Media heroes: Social media is a fair reflection of how others lives really is. Make sure you study all your influencer friends and copy your own unique branded personality based on your love of the same brands! Buy the things they tell you and you can be popular too!
  2. Be an early adopter and always upgrade: always get the latest and greatest of everything, don’t keep anything if there’s a newer, better (more expensive) version of it. You deserve better and since your tastes are so superior to others you need to buy whatever it is at a premium price.
  3. Buy when drunk: not only does drinking cost you a lot of money, it lowers your inhibitions and if you keep your credit card handy, you’ll be spending money like a drunk sailor on shore leave!
  4. Buy now, pay later: studies have shown that if you separate the buying from the spending you are more likely to complete a purchase. Get a credit card and only think of how little the minimum monthly payment will be! Repayment plans are for losers!
  5. Get more credit: Running low on credit card allowance? Try stoozing to allow yourself some breathing room. Transfer your balance to a new card – preferably one that gives you points when you start buying again.
  6. Make it easy: so many websites insist on things like making your type in and confirm you details before you can buy something – BORING – that just takes time and when you want that impulse buy NOW, you don’t want to run the risk that you will realise you don’t need more crap and reconsider. Install a “BUY IT NOW” app on your phone from a friendly company that will whisk things to you overnight/
  7. Don’t keep your receipts: these are just records of your infrugality and you could even use them to return items once bought or register for warranties. Burn and don’t learn, just buy and smile.

So there you have it. 7 easy steps to allow yourself to have a happier life – with more material happiness than you can shake a plastic fantastic with.

Good luck,


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