Thistle Wright Asset Trust: investment review

Somethings are built to last and some people are born to succeed. It’s just the way of nature and the Thistle Wright Asset Trust is proof of that fact. Marketed as the Scottish St. James’ Place, the Trust has been managing the Great and the Good of Scotland’s money safely since the 1690’s.

Thistle Wright Asset Trust not only has a reassuring name but a pedigree that runs back hundreds of years and has helped sponsor the Darien scheme, South Sea Company and more recently has invested heavily success stories like RBS and Carillion. No wonder Neil Woodford is a fan! That’s why the Thistle Wright Asset Trust has been known and trusted for generations by the landed aristocracy and mercantile elites of this great country.

They are pretty selective on who they take on. Thistle Wright Asset Trust won’t just manage anyone’s money, you need to be a leading figure in the business community or the sort of cutting and thrusting figure that GFF is and you can understand T.W.A.T’s position, especially when you consider that they manage the likes of the Fife Royal Family’s money.

I was excited to receive my personal invitation for a free introductory discussion through the post. I immediately got in touch to let them know that I was interested in signing up and putting my trust in their trust. It felt like GFF has finally made it, potentially joining the likes of the robed classes.

18 Year Old Triple Cask Matured Single Malt Scotch Whisky - MacallanAnd when I met the Client Financial Guidance Director, Giles at a local Golf Club bar last Saturday I knew I was in safe hands. He just had a way about him, like Giles has stepped off the pages of Scottish Field – he casually ordered two large single malts and put me at ease as he tossed his Range Rover keys onto the coffee table, unbuttoned his tweed jacket, sat back in his arm chair with his Hunter Boots tipped legs spread akimbo. “sorry about being so darn late” he chuffed “couldn’t get away from the damn hunt, old boy, do you hunt? We’ll have to get you up to the Estate sometime, Client Day, first Saturday in February – you supply the fees, we supply the pheasant, haw haw haw.” Giles was a man I knew I could get on with, he was everything you’d expect a T.W.A.T. director to be like – oozing power, prestige, and privilege.

Giles asked “So your thinking about your future and the future of your family?” I explained what we want, to look after our money, invest it wisely, help the kids when the time is right, pay the bills and not work till we are 70. Giles nodded and smiled, I could tell he understood me and that made me feel safe.

“… I understand… I’m a family man too… looking after families is what T.W.A.T does… it’s what I am and my father was a T.W.A.T and his father before him… there’s nothing more important than family and ensuring your family wealth trickles down the generations, of course you still need control… it’s important to remember that the Thistle Wright Asset Trust has been trusted by generations… we understand the needs of our clients and how to service you…”

I liked what I heard and Giles was giving me all the right feelings. And T.W.A.T. are the preferred financial manager for more family offices in Scotland than anyone else. And their customer service and engagement is just superb. From the promised February shoot to the regular Wine, Whisky and Investment evenings and of course the legendary summer weekend getaways where you have the exclusive chance to profit from investing in a luxury vacation ownership chalet. You are investing in your social circle as much as you are investing your money – money can buy class.

I was on the hook. “You won’t regret it old boy, just a few things to mention first… Fees are only payable on how much you put in with us and how the Trust grows… like anything in life, you get what you pay for but then again I can tell that you like the finer things in life; ‘two more double Macallan 18s’, this will be a great decision, your children will thank you for it… what will you do for school fees?… Not cheap but worth it… I can put in a word for you, the rector is an old school friend of mine… ”

“What about the fees” I interjected?

“Oh you know old boy, buy cheap pay twice. When your money grows, our fees grow and that makes us work harder for you…we’re only taking 2.5%… it’s reasonable and value for money…  you get what you pay for in life… we take care of everything… our fund is cautiously aggressive and defensively ambitious… safe global blue chips and bonds…  the better the trust does the better you do, so it’s a virtuous circle… I’ve never lost a client money, except at four ball on the golf course… You play golf, yes?… We’ll have to play a round of golf sometime. ”

I felt reassured, after all he seemed successful and knew what he was talking about. Plus he was more than a salesman, he was a friend.

Giles continued “of course we have additional services like estate planning… what price do you put on security?… drink up and we can get one for the road… I’ve got the paperwork here,… ‘make it two Port Charlotte 15s’… phwoah, that’ll put heather on the heath… no need to read the full detail… and sign there…”

I felt elated; Giles was everything I’d wanted in a Client Financial Guidance Director and I felt sure that this was going to be the start of a long and happy relationship. GFF was a T.W.A.T. investor now and I’d finally made it.

Giles looked at his watch, Patek-Philippe and boomed that “must dash, my work calls” and he got up to leave, picked up his keys and said “I’ll be in touch in a few days to discuss those other investments you wanted to invest in and to finalise our arrangement, you’ve made a good choice and you seem like the right sort of chap that need.”

Image result for need for tweedHe walked me to my car, “you need to look the part old boy, that cars older than some of my malts…” I knew that I’d need to get a new car before February to fit in at the shoot and I felt a need, a need for tweed if I was to fit in and a full wardrobe of Barbour to boot. I was investing in our family future, so no expense should be spared.

On the drive home, I couldn’t help but feel excited for the unique investment opportunities that would come my way. How I would be rubbing shoulders with the Respectable Classes and I’d now have the status that I deserve once I learn to fit into society.


Overall, I could not recommend Thistle Wright Asset Trust more.

You might think that’s because they paid me to write this… well, every man has his price but what I crave more than anything else is the assurance that only the rich can afford the high fees and just by being a T.W.A.T. is a signal that I’m successful in life.

But don’t expect that anyone can join – it’s pretty exclusive but now I’m on the inside, I can tell you that nothing feels better than being part of the club and T.W.A.T. is the club, maybe not just for the 1% but certainly the 2.5%.

Thanks, GFF


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